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Father and daughter, Steven and Liv, are having big weeks.

Last night Steven Tyler debuted on “American Idol” as a judge after 152 years as lead singer of Aerosmith. Steven is naturally funny and sarcastic; he’s going to make a great judge if he can last through the season. So far, so good. “American Idol” may give him the structure even rehab hasn’t been able to provide.

Meanwhile, here at the Sundance Film Festival, Steven’s daughter with rocker-writer Bebe Buell, Liv Tyler, is about to make her indie film debut.

Eons ago, Liv was sensational in movies like “Stealing Beauty,” “Empire Records,” “Heavy,” and “Silent Fall.” Then she got involved with the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, was financially rewarding but not so good for building a critical base.

Now Liv comes to Sundance with “The Ledge,” Matthew Chapman’s directing debut. Produced by Michael Mailer and Mark Damon, “The Ledge” has a lot of good buzz. It also has a strong cast, with Charlie Hunnam, Patrick Wilson, and Terrence Howard.

Tyler–who’s been dating Jann Wenner’s son–is also getting a Spotlight Award  this weekend from the Creative Coalition. Suddenly, after almost 15 years, she’s an overnight sensation. Isn’t that the way it goes? And Steven Tyler, famous since Gerald Ford was president, is a big hit again, too. Crazy!

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