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In my interview with Ricky Gervais that ran on Monday morning after the Golden Globes, Ricky told us to watch “The Office” on January 27th. He implied he would make a guest appearance as his British character David Brent, the UK influence of Michael Scott.

Of course, a new website under the Deadline Yesterday banner is counting this as their scoop today. Something about the Deadline bunch: stealing infects each new hire.

In that interview, Ricky also told us that his visit would somehow give a tip as to who might replace Michael Scott as the manager of “The Office.” Who did Ricky want? “Will Arnett,” he told me.

Deadline also lifted an entire story out of this column yesterday, about Regis Philbin not retiring from his career but simply leaving his show. This Nellie Andreeva is really a piece of work.

The Deadline steal is the second this week for Showbiz411.com. People magazine put together a lame cover story on Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s new baby. There is no interview. There are no pictures. The one nugget of info in People was divined right here also on Monday: why the baby is named Faith Margaret.

Maybe  I should just start lifting material from these other sites without credit. It’s so much easier than doing original reporting. Of course, if I stole from them, I’d be stealing from myself and who knows who else. Too confusing!

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  1. This is why your site is my #1 site. The scoop is almost always yours. And it’s infuriating for me as the reader, Roger, to see other sources reporting news that I’ve already learned from when you actually got it from “the horse’s mouth!” and those other sources STILL don’t give you credit. It’s so wrong; so sneaky and so low. Are you listening, Nellie Andreeva?

  2. Roger, even though I don’t always agree with your opinions, your columns are always top notch and usually full of info that shows up everywhere else afterward…if they’re stealing from you, you must be doing something right! :-)

  3. I hear you Roger. There is nothing worse than someone stealing your story.
    I suppose the music industry isn’t the only place where “sampling” is taking over.

    Will Arnett would be great on The Office. He is probably free now Running Wilde is canceled.
    I think Timothy Olyphant would make a good move from guest star to star of the show. Could he fit it in with Justified and movies? Maybe not, but he would be great!

  4. How hard is it to give people credit for finding information first. Just because this is the time of the internet, it doesn’t mean people should just take without asking or giving credit!

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