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Paul Allen made a surprise appearance on Saturday night at the Paramount Pictures party at the Chateau Marmont. Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, has suffered from non-Hodgkins lymphoma for the last several years, resulting in changes to his several businesses and charities. What a pleasure, though: the amateur musician, owner of the world’s largest yacht, told me he just had a very positive doctor’s visit and is basically cancer free. Congratulations, Paul! The news comes just as Apple’s Steve Jobs announced a new medical leave from that company. He’s been battling pancreatic cancer. Last year Jobs had a liver transplant…

…Meanwhile, the Golden Globes red carpet had an unusual guest: Randi Zuckerberg, older sister (by two years of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. A cheerful and cherubic young woman, Randi is also pregnant. The Harvard grad works for Facebook as marketing director, and did a taped interview with one of the red carpet hostesses about Facebook. I just happened to catch it on the closed circuit TV system in the Beverly Hilton. No mention was made of her relationship to Mark, or of “The Social Network”…

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  1. Apple should get Paul Allen in some capacity. I think he’s a bit busy spending his money/being a billionaire though.

    Note: Paul Allen’s “Octopus” is the 10th largest yacht in the world. Some larger yachts include Roman Abramovich’s and David Geffen’s.

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