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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a new baby daughter.

Faith Margaret was born to a surrogate on December 28th at Nashville’s Centennial Women’s Hospital.

I can tell you this exclusively: according to a friend, they chose the name Faith “for what they needed to have during this process.” And Margaret: “was the name of Nicole’s grandmother, who had her last child at age 49. As an older mother, Nic wanted it to be  a tribute to her.”

But I am told the parents will not–absolutely not–be selling pictures or doing interviews about Faith Margaret. Unlike some recent pr stunts (hello John Travolta) the Urbans are staying private and classy.

The proud parents issued the following statement: “Our family is truly blessed, and just so thankful, to have been given the gift of baby Faith Margaret. No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we
feel for everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, in particular our gestational carrier.”

We’re pretty sure gestational carrier was a female human and not a kangaroo!

Kidman has two children from her marriage to Tom Cruise, Isabella and Conor. She and Urban, of course, are the parents of Sunday Rose, age 2.

So much for reports from a few weeks ago that Nicole had a “baby bump!”

Congratulations to this exceptionally nice, loving couple on rounding out their happy family.

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  1. “disgusted” is just another example of the ignorant and mean-spirited people who spew hatred all over the internet these days. Rather than take a few minutes of their time to read up about surrogates and gestational carriers, they post their hatred and nonsense right away. “disgusted” is certainly no “gift” to society.

  2. Hey disgusted! So when did you become Nicole’s gynocologist or Keith Urban’s physician? For your information, Nicole Kidman has suffered a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy that could have taken her life and was very lucky to have Sunday Rose. That’s why she and Keith consider Sunday’s birth a miracle. How do you know whether or not her doctors may have advised her that this time it was dangerous to have a child the normal way, and that this time she might not be so lucky? If a man and woman want another child to love and can afford to use the surrogate method, the child will be their biological child who will inherit their own genes. They have the right to choose whatever method they prefer to add to their family. They consider Little Faith a blessing. This little girl will have a beautiful home and two parents who love her. From everything I’ve read or heard in their interviews, they have wanted another sibling for Sunday for a long time. Just because a couple is rich and famous doesn’t mean that they are not human beings and that people like you should think the worst of them.

  3. To some of you whiners, Nicole has had a lot of trouble conceiving on her own. She had miscarriages when she was married to Tom Cruise and also a tubal pregnancy. She called her and Keith’s little girl a miracle baby. Maybe the doctors advised her not to try and give birth again….who knows what she has gone through. Don’t be so quick to judge just because they have money!! Congratulations to them for the blessed event!!

  4. First off, to the snarky remarks on here, shame on you! Anyone who paid even vague attention to Kidman’s own words on her fertitlity struggles over the years know that she would want more than anything to be carrying a child on her own.

    She also made it clear she loved her pregnancy experience and it was not difficult for her(the labor.) She’d only a 2% chance when she conceived Sunday Rose and had multiple miscarriage issues, she has said so herself. To anyone with sense, it’s pretty clear why they chose this route as she clearly has issues carrying to term. Had she tried IVF herself(and we don’t know she hasn’t and failed,), it’s not a guarantee her body can carry the fetus to term.

    This is a blessing for couples, and I wish Nicole, Keith, Sunday and little Faith the most loving wishes! God Bless!

  5. Good luck to them. I’m glad she and Keith have found happiness together. Despite their wealth, I think their two little children will first and foremost be given a lot of love for the rest of their lives. Nicole’s first two children are missing out on a lot. Their loss.

  6. Roger,
    perhaps you might write something to differentiate a “gestational carrier” from “surrogate”. There really is a distint difference. I can see quite a few snarky articles from writers who are too lazy to do some fact-finding making fun of the “gestational carrier” term.

  7. The gift? I think they paid to have a test tube baby put into another person’s uterus. Yet another example of a selfish celebrities who just buy what they want. The gestational carrier put her life on the line so they could have their perfect little biological nuclear family. You’d think they would consider themselves blessed with the miracle they were given with their first child. Nope they needed more. They’re just as nauseating as Sarah Jessica Parker and her bland husband what’s his name.

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