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Robert DeNiro, who doesn’t like to speak in public, had a rough time tonight on the Golden Globes.

DeNiro — a little looser than usual– mocked the Hollywood Foreign Press Association ruthlessly, made some jokes that weren’t too funny and lamented the fact that his clip reel always contains scenes from the same movies. He chided the group for not showing bits of about a dozen movies no one’s seen– or ever wanted to.

DeNiro also made fun of the HFPA for just wanting to take pictures with celebrities. He’s right; that’s what they’re known for.

But the DeNiro canon is safe. He’s got a long list of classics that no one can knock or take away from him. But someone should have taken away his drinks at the dinner table–no matter how nervous he was. NBC at least saved him with a little well placed bleeping.

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  1. I don’t care if he was a lot tipsy and a little politically incorrect or vice versa! Robert DeNiro has been a favourite actor of mine since I first saw him in that film about the young baseball player who died young. And that is a Looong time ago. He has a wonderful range and an incredible body of work. And not a single film I have enjoyed could be classed as anything but excellent. I think Mr. DeNiro has as equal a talent for choosing his roles as he does for playing them. And I particularly admire his obvious lack of concern for being anyone but HIMSELF. With the obvious exception of when he is Working at his craft. Bravo! Robert DeNiro!

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