Home Television Exclusive Flashback: Robert Wagner is New Charlie to “Angels”


Back on November 29th, I told you that Robert Wagner would be the voice of Charlie in the new TV version of “Charlie’s Angels.”


Wagner will succeed the late and beloved John Forsythe.

Wagner and his late wife Natalie Wood owned 50% of the original TV series, so it could be that getting the show back on the air and Wagner’s new job are no coincidence. A few years ago, Wagner sued for participation in the “Charlie’s Angels” movies but lost.

Producers on the new series are Nancy Juvonen, aka Mrs. Jimmy Fallon, and Drew Barrymore. They produced the movies. Juvonen knows what she’s doing, so expect the new series to be fun and hip.

Some other outlets reported this week that the series was a go, or that Wagner was Charlie’s voice. I guess they just missed our original column.

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