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“Spider Man: Turn off the Dark” won’t officially open until March 15th, set back from February 7th. And January 11th. And December 21st. At least. Who can remember?

The word came just a little while ago, as Bono and Edge, the show’s composers, finally saw the $65 million musical. They immediately imported their record producer, Steve Lillywhite, to work with the singers and the show’s soundsystem.

But Bono and Edge also saw that the show is not ready for official reviewing even though it’s been playing to sold out audiences at the Foxwoods Theater since November 28th. Now that all the injured actors are healing, the composers and Julie Taymor can address the show’s other problems.

This will be murder from a pr angle: wait for the NY Post to come out with aaxes grinding. The joke will be that one more postponement might make the show miss the Tony deadline of April 30th. And that actor Christopher Tierney will be completely healed by the time they do open!

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  1. Who cares when they open. As you say, they are selling out for more than a million a week,

    If it takes another 3 or 4 months it won’t matter.

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