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“Spider Man: Turn off the Dark” turns on the money. Last week, “Spider Man”–still in previews–was the number 1 grossing show on Broadway.

The $65 million “Spider Man” –the most expensive Broadway show ever, by far–topped both “Wicked” and “The Lion King” with $1.588 million. It beat “Wicked” by just $58. Both “Spider Man” and “The Lion King” were conceived by Julie Taymor.

You could put an asterisk in and say that Spider Man’s theater is bigger than the one in which “Wicked” plays. But why rob Spidey of this much deserved moment? It’s also playing at 100% capacity.

“Spider Man” opens on February 7th after two delays. Yesterday I heard a whisper of another postponement, but I’m sure it’s not true.

The show has three weeks to make changes–add a much needed ending, and beef up the fun in the relationship between Peter Parker. Spider Man’s alter ego, and Mary Jane.

The ending is the biggest problem–the audience still doesn’t realize the show has concluded. The flourish of a flying Spider Man will instigate a standing ovation.

But what a rebuke to the New York Post’s campaign to kill this show. Box office has just gotten bigger and better. Nicely done. And this week. the New Yorker sends the show up with a clever cartoon cover. That should only add to the publicity.

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  1. I loved SpiderMan. Really gorgeous production, perfect on every level. I don’t understand why the Post guy had it out for this show. But then he liked Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, which was the worst show I’ve ever seen.

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