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At last.

Dr. Conrad Murray has been held for trial in the manslaughter of Michael Jackson. He’s also been stripped of his medical license.

Frankly–and this is an emotional response–Murray should be tried for murder.

According to testimony, Murray had been administering Propofol to Michael for six nights a week for two months leading up to his death. Murray told this to a police detective two days after Jackson’s death.

Of all the things that have come out in the preliminary trial, this is by far the worst. Luckily, Judge Michael Pastor realized this, and took away Murray’s right to practice medicine. He deemed Murray a danger to the public. No kidding.

I’ve been thinking about the Propofol a lot recently. Twice — once in November, again in December–yours truly was given Propofol before kidney stone surgery. It was such a big deal that there were many discussions with anesthesiologists, nurses, etc. Each time it was done in a hospital operating room. This was a serious business. Anyone who’s ever been “knocked out” for surgery knows this is not to be taken lightly.

But Dr. Murray did take it lightly. He obviously saw it as an easy way to appease Michael, who was used to getting his way with other doctors. The only difference was, none of them had gone this far.

I still think it’s of no small coincidence that Dr. Murray’s father had issues prescribing medicine. As I reported in July 2009:

Dr. Murray’s biological father, whom he met at age 25, was the late Dr. Rawle Andrews of Houston, Tex. Dr. Andrews died in 2001, but was a respected Houston physician.

However: Dr. Rawle Andrews’ medical license came under review and was severely limited, according to the Texas Medical Board, from 1994 to 1999.

Dr. Andrews was found to have prescribed “controlled substances and substances with addictive potential to [two patients, names reduced to initials] for extended periods of time without adequate indication.”


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  1. Simba: Not necessarily…what fries internal organs are unclean mixes of drugs with other stuff……a med abuse doesnt necessarily mean that it shows up in a coroner’s report. That is why I said that the facts leading to Jackson’s death are going to be a topic in the upcoming trial. What is known in other court reports and depositions so far is that Jackson went in fact doctor shopping in one form or the other and had an insomnia problem. There is even evidence that he had Body Dysmorphic Disorder IMO. In the trial there will be a lot of medical experts giving evidence it seems…so Jackson’s medical history will be crucial next to Dr. Murray’s negligence. That won’t be pretty to hear but it is the only way to find out what happened.

  2. You can have a solid trust that it is technically impossible to inject yourself with that drug!!! Well then, don’t get me wrong but one should think twice before saying smth. or agreeing with that….

  3. @ T.W and Brentwood Hills. There is NO PROOF that Michael understood all of the risks of Diprivan. These claims have been made by physicians who have never presented an informed consent or disclaimer form with his signature on it. MJ barely had a high school education and did not have the benefit of the 20/20 hindsight that we all have. If a licensed anesthesiologist saw fit to give MJ Diprivan in hotel rooms, why would he question its use, especially if it worked for HIM? Why would he continue to pay a doctor to administer a medication that did not work?

    Secondly, Michael weighed 136 pounds when he died and weighed 120-125 during his “Thriller” days. He passed his first physical, the coroner testified that he was in excellent health and had a strong heart. Only active and athletic 50 year-olds have STRONG hearts. In spite of all this, many keep insisting that he could not perform because of his “appearance”, facts be damned. His main problem was psychological (namely anxiety) and that’s nothing new.

    Michael still had another 3 weeks of rehearsals ahead of him and was already doing complete run-throughs. Do a search of his rehearsals for previous tours on YouTube, he rarely completed a song and only needed to mark his spots and choreography. No experienced vocalist would sing entire songs with another 3 weeks of rehearsals before opening night. Their vocal coaches even want them to avoid speaking in between performances.

    Michael wouldn’t have agreed to do these shows and risk humiliating himself in front of his fans no matter how much debt he was in. And why would he keep elaborate and difficult dance segments in the show if he could not do them? Why would he recruit young dancers if he could not keep up with them and would look especially weak and old next in comparison? He still had the option of selling the ATV catalog and his estate was still solvent.

    Speaking from experience, I can tell you that a chronic insomniac will do just about anything for sleep; and those sleep disorder clinics are useless – in fact they prescribe the very benzos that Michael became addicted to because that’s all they have to offer.

    The person that you are quoting is the media-whore extraordinaire Dr. Drew Pinsky, who never treated Michael and blames all celebrities for their problems in order to pander to judgmental individuals like you. The main reason that celebrities hire private physicians is because hospital bureaucrats will not hesitate to sell their medical info to tabloid magazines (think of Patrick Swayze and Farah Fawcett). Concierge doctors charge a lot of money to be on retainer and are free to work elsewhere if they don’t want to perform a certain procedure.

    I am so tired of hearing people talk about Michael like he was the “Godfather” wielding his so-called power every where he went. I don’t believe for minute that these prestigious doctors were star struck by someone nicknamed “Whacko Jacko”

  4. You’re wrong, A. G. There is no evidence that Michael Jackson was abusing drugs. The coroner testified that he was in excellent health, born out by the results of the autopsy. MJ’s internal organs would have been fried if he had been abusing drugs for years. Leave the medical analysis to the professionals.

    One fact that came out in the preliminary hearing: Conrad Murray ordered a super strong stimulant from Allied Pharmacy in Las Vegas. This was found at the death scene, which indicates that Murray was dosing Michael Jackson with a powerful and dangerous stimulant of aspirin, caffeine, and ephedrine, that would have made it impossible for MJ to sleep naturally. The charge should be second degree implied malice murder.

  5. TW, although I’m a lifelong MJ devotee, I have to reluctantly agree to every single word in your post. MJ was in no shape to go on tour. His dicisions and choices in managing his own medical care makes him less than innocent.

    I heard someone say on TV that those who get the worst heath care in America are the very poor and the very wealthy. The poorest, because they can’t afford access to even minimally effective care. And the wealthiest, because they can simply purchase a medical infrastructure for themselves, owning it all, making them the bosses of their own physicians. They then dictate to their doctors what their care will be. The doctors, fearing the power of their wealthy benefactors or termination, simply acquiesce and do what they’re told.

  6. If we consider Murray’s medical and personal history in this case going to trial, we also have to consider MJs own medical history being brought up in the trial and it is extensive. He went doctor-shopping for years and if they call a few of these doctors into the stand it will be very disturbing listening to MJs years of drug abuse…….the coroner only analyses the cause of death in his report not the facts leading to it..that is the job in a trial.
    Some doctors were not further investigated by the DEA last year, is that so that they can be called as witnesses in a trial?

  7. Do you mean to imply that administering controlled substances, well in this case anesthetics without adequate support systems and monitoring present, is a genetically transmitted disease? Or are you saying there is a family tradition? I believe you should forward this important piece of evidence to DA Walgren. That will nail Conrad Murray, finally. And what exactly do you mean when stating “Dr. Andrews died in 2001, but was a respected Houston physician.” I am glad to learn that even having passed away will – in certain circumstances yet to be revealed – not prevent you from being a respected citizen.

  8. I believe urologists use propofol when they knock you out for colonoscopies.

    I was also administered propfol when I had successful hemrhoidal surgery two years ago.

    According to press reports, in Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is also being administered this drug to induce temporary medical comas,

    You are so right about the seriousness of this drug; it is no joke. It was insane for Dr. Murray to administer this drug in a private home as he did. The fact that he did not have proper rescusitation equipment on site is absolutely criminal!!! Poor Michael Jackson: he couldn’t even catch a break with his own doctor. Mad world.

  9. The six weeks or so of propofol alone were dangerous to the patient, since it doesn’t induce real sleep. The result: Michael lost weight and stamina and couldn’t even sing a whole song, whereas with previous tours he went through the full show DAILY a week before the premiere. Murray should have sent his patient to an insomnia clinic instead of pulling out the drug – but then, of course, no one would pay him 150 000 dollars a month.

    I agree Murray should be charged with murder. If Michael had only stopped breathing for a minute or two before it was discovered, a decent doctor with the right equipment could quite easily have brought him back. Murray wasn’t and didn’t. As we all know, instead he delayed every procedure or simply didn’t perform them.

  10. It’s sad that it took Michael Jackson’s death, to get a journalistic report regarding him and not a report based on sources. Reporters needs to get back to factual reporting and not tabloid reporting. Yes, people like the juicy stuff, myself included, but it must be the truth first!!!!!

  11. Murray’s license should have been taken as soon as MJ died. And he should be tried for murder.

    The amount of propofol given was ridiculous! And it should not be given for insomnia.
    MJ was an addict for years, but nobody ever gave him propofol!

  12. Thank you for a decent article. I find it both outrageous and frightening that a doctor would behave so badly and still have a license. Quite honestly, I believe this case is under charged and should be a Murder 2 charge for the amount of disregard and recklessness. One would hope the medical board will take this guy’s license to practice away for ever. To be honest, I’m shocked they didn’t suspend it earlier than this.

  13. Roger, I agree with you. After reading the witnesses testimony, including Kenny Ortega, it seems to me that Michael was dying a slow death for a few weeks…months even. He should have been sent to a hospital when he showed up to rehearsals with chills on June 19th but Murray told everyone he was fine. Clearly he wasn’t.

  14. “Frankly–and this is an emotional response–Murray should be tried for murder.”

    Ridiculous. Jackson killed himself. If not Murray it would have been some other way, some other time.

    No one ever wants to believe the simple solution to a “big” event.

  15. I think that he Should be charged with Murder too! He was the Doctor!! He should have known what that stuff would do and any side effects! Especially when given with other Drugs!! Even I knew Not to have combined the meds that he did in such a short time!!

  16. Murray’s actions do not meet the intent requirement for murder, which is why he’s appropriately charged with manslaughter. He deserves to be punished for his actions if he’s found guilty. At minimum the license needs to go.

    The facts will come out at trial but I highly doubt that “no other doctors” went as far as Murray in administering anesthesia to MJ outside a medical office setting. It’s been widely reported that MJ had an anesthesiologist travel with him during the History Tour. I doubt they sat up all night playing rummy. People overlook MJ’s culpability in all of this. He and Murray both knew the risks and were both fools.

  17. And look outside the courtroom. There was more press for MJ Child molestation trial than from the Murray Preliminary hearing. Isn’t it amazing that all the world came to see if MJ would be convicted but not to witness the trial of the man who took him out of this world??? AMAZING!!!

  18. Dear Roger,
    Thank you for a fine article. Yes, he should indeed be charged for murder. Either Michael was the unluckiest man in the world or Murray the dumbest. Or there’s something more. Either way, it’s simply outrageous. Again, thank you for your account. It makes me have hope about the journalist breed again.

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