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by Roger Friedman

Here’s a recap of what’s happening with Michael Jackson.

The Jackson estate has finally wised up and filed papers against Randy and Jermaine Jackson’s ex wife, Alejandra.

Alejandra, along with her grown children,  have been living rent free with Katherine Jackson at her Hayvenhurst home in Encino, California for years. But now that Hayvenhurst is part of Michael’s estate, the executors want her family out.

Alejandra, first married to Randy and then to Jermaine, has children with both Jackson brothers. According to many insiders, she feels entitled to live with Mrs. Jackson forever. Michael’s executors feel otherwise. The only people who are supposed to be living in Hayvenhurst are Mrs. Jackson and Michael’s three children.

A court date has been set for March 15th, and that’s when Alejandra can explain to a judge why she won’t leave. Meantime, Alejandra is threatening to “write” (someone will write it for her) a tell-all expose about her life as a double Jackson wife, mother of siblings who are also cousins to each other. She thinks there’s an audience for her story, and a publisher willing to pay millions. My guess is, she’s wrong.

At the same, the preliminary hearing against Dr. Conrad Murray continues. It’s all about numbers: how many phone calls Dr. Murray made after he administered Propofol to Michael, how many vials of potentially dangerous drugs were gound in the house after Michael died. Dr. Murray, prosecutor say, made eleven– 11– phone calls after Michael received what would be his fatal dose of Propofol.

Eleven calls–Dr. Murray, the prosecution has said, abandoned his patient. They are quite right. He abandoned him after giving him a drug no other person in the world receives at home because of its dangers.

Dr. Murray is more likely than not going to stand trial for Michael’s death. And a defense case that Jackson wound up killing himself is going to be laughed right out of court.

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  1. Will anybody tell me why is the woman should stay there when we all know exactly Michael never mentioned to be so in his will? MJ paid for that place the most valuable of his own which is the life, literally..!

  2. Oh yeah and one more thing which speaks to the stupidity of Alejandra Jackson – she picked the two brothers (Randy and Jermaine) who don’t have a dime to support her and her kids.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. So let me get this straight – this skank sleeps with two Jackson brothers, has two litters of children who are not only half-siblings, but cousins, AND who has been living off of the family for years based on her immoral inability to keep her legs closed, NOW wants to write a tell-all?

    First of all, she should just go on Dr. Phil and find out what kind of trash sleeps with two brothers in the same family. And not for nothing, her kids with Jermaine are nothing but untrained heathens – ordering stun guns and pulling them on their cousins to the point where CPS had to be called in to sort it all out.

    They should throw her out on the front steps. Nothing more.

    And then hope and pray that she doesn’t decide to sleep with Joe Jackson to cover all her bases.

    Nothing but a trash bag.

  4. @Sherman…It is not Mrs. Jackson nor the estate’s responsibility to house, feed and clothe Alejandra and her children! She is young enough to work like everybody else. Who cares how big the house is? That is irrelevant. She nor her children were left anything in Michael’s will. She is not entitled to s*#t! Get a job lazy bitch! What kind of nasty, whore sleeps with two brothers and has children by both? Yuck!

    In regards to your MJ comment: any decent soldier would NOT escort you across a minefield on foot! Any doctor that gives a patient anesthetic at home in their bedroom deserves to go to jail. As much as you might try, you cannot blame MJ. No matter what his actions were. A doctor has a responsibility to his patients. I dont care if MJ begged, pleaded, cried and did a cartwheel! The doctor should have walked away if he could not uphold the OATH that he took to become a DOCTOR!!!!!! Period.

  5. As for Hayvenhurst: That place is big enough for all of them.

    As for MJ:
    If you decide to cross a minefield on foot at night – hire a soldier to assist – get blown to bits – can you blame the soldier ?

  6. As for Alejandra and her children: Yes, those children deserve care and devotion, and they are also Katherine Jackson’s grandchildren. But she is not their legal guardian, as they have their parents. It’s not the responsibility of the Estate, Mrs Jackson or Michael’s children to provide for them. That is the responsibility of Randy Jackson, Jermaine Jackson and Alejandra Jackson.

  7. Michael Jackson just might have been addicted to drugs, and he just might have had serious mental issues. Dr. Murray was hired for many reasons, one of them certainly was that he would be thrilled to have this job and do what his master, Mr. Jackson, would ask of him…or is that demand of him? The whole scene reeks of evil! As for the Jackson family home where one set of relatives are being told to move out…jerks have always been just that…jerks.

    Most of the Jackson clan appear to me to be jerks, talented perhaps, but then who said jerks can’t also be talented?

  8. As much as anyone would rightly question the former Mrs Alejandra Jackson’s right to live at Hayvenhurst, is that decision within the jurisdiction of the Estate? I should think it is something for Katherine Jackson to decide, being the legal guardian of Michael’s three children and a co-heir. But maybe she needs help in this issue.

    As for Dr Murray, his actions are more than bizarre and beyond the range of “mistakes”. That is still not water-tight proof of murder, not so far anyway, so the charge “involuntary manslaughter” was probably used just to be certain he could be convicted of something.

  9. When it is all said and done, Dr. Murray, killed Michael, there is no way Michael killed himself, and its aweful, that they would even say so! I pray the doctor receives a life time prison term!

  10. Roger, why didn’t the multiple security guards at Hayvenhurst stop Alejandra from re-entering the property, or calmly escort her from the house. They are the only household with squatters lucky enough to have bodyguards.

    I completely agree shadowmia, he should be charged with murder.
    But that would be too hard to prove, and Murray would likely be acquitted.
    Hopefully he is found guilty when it goes to trial.

  11. Thank you for this! If you listen to the voice mail that Murray left for his Las Vegas patient (Bob Russell), in the background you can hear some kind of horn blaring, followed by what sounds like the sound of something very large being dropped (kapow!). Sounds like construction noise. Also, near the end of the voicemail, one hears (possibly … it’s very faint) the sound of traffic.

    This voice mail was left at 11:54AM on the day MJ died (and 14 minutes before Murray ‘dropped the phone’ during another call at (supposedly) the moment he realized MJ was not breathing.

    Unless there was major construction around the Holmby estate on that date/hour/minute, I question whether Murray was even IN the mansion during those numerous telephone calls. After dosing up his patient with a dangerous drug that required constant bedside presence, did he walk outside for better reception? Was he in the car returning from a quick trip? Where did those sounds come from? Was it a garbage truck in the alley?

    Even if he can explain away the noises during a call he claims was made from inside the mansion, the man was shockingly and grossly negligent in the medical care of his patient. How arrogant to think he could administer propofol in that setting (or in any other — he was not a trained anesthetist).

    During Kenny Ortega’s recent prelim testimony, he stated that during that June 20th (?) meeting at the mansion, he observed Murray being less than respectful toward MJ. No surprise there!

  12. After reading the report from the court about Day 4, it is evident that it was reciprocal action from ephedrine, Benoquin (they are not supposed to be used at the same time!) and the other mentioned drugs that killed (or better poisoned) MJ over weeks…MJ has been dyeing a very slow death over weeks and only trained medical personnel would have noticed it – certainly no musical director for instance…..

    There is no need for the defense to claim that MJ injected himself on propofol (that is impossible anyway) but Jackson killed himself anyway by taking all these medication. benoquin is just a highly risky way to treat Vitiligo (it even can trigger it in the first place) according to the listed side effects….

  13. What defense attorney try to suggest is B.S***t and cheaply .How Michael could be able to reach the needles or vials of propofol, – with IV drip in his leg, and urinary catheter – No patient could move with IV drip and urinary catheter. Another thing : Propofol put down the patient in few seconds, .. and I am not sure that Michael was so coherent, If he wake up, – with sedatives in his body that Murray gave him before propofol ! Murray is a murderer !! Murray tried to conceal drugs, tried to hide evidence, delayed calling 911, not telling paramedics about propofol and other benzodiazepines, at UCLA emergency room Murray said nothing about having administered propofol … this is not a negligent fact, is not an involuntary manslaughter – THIS IS SCOND DEGREE CRIME !!!!

  14. “Here’s a recap of what’s happening with Michael Jackson.”? Nothings happening with Michael Jackson. He’s resting. You should have said “Here’s a recap of whats happening with the vultures who didn’t care for him or his children, only his money”.

  15. I may be in the minority on this, but I think any minor children Alejandra has with Randy and/or Jermaine Jackson (such as Jermajesty, her son with Jermaine — a good kid, from the Oprah interview) deserve as much protection and as much right to shelter and sustenance as any other Jackson grandchildren. Everybody seems to be making Alejandra Jackson out to be some dragon lady. However, let’s not forget that both Randy and Jermaine Jackson CHOSE to MARRY and have children with her. Why is she the bad seed? Why not Randy and Jermaine? If Mrs. Jackson wants Alejandra out of Hayvenherst, then she and her children should find other living arrangements. But she shouldn’t be ousted because we have some collective sense of her being the family courtesan!

    As for Dr. Murray, he was grossly incompetant to the point of criminality. But it goes higher than the good doctor. There was malfeseance of byzantine proportions going on hear. There is a lot more to be learned here, trust me y’all.

  16. I believe the testimony indicates that Murray deliberately killed Michael Jackson.

    After he connected the i.v. bag to continuously feed what he knew was a potentially lethal concoction of drugs, incl propofol, Murray went into another room–leaving Jackson alone–and began making a series of telephone calls. After the time he claims he discovered that Jackson wasn’t breathing, he waited at Least 21 minutes before calling any house staff into the room, and then he refused to let any of them call 911 while he “administered” CPR with one hand while collecting potentially damaging evidence with the other hand.
    He made certain that that evidence was collected, put into a bag,and taken away before he finally allowed 911 to be called.

    Naturally he tried to appear distraught and as if he were frantically trying to save the life of his “friend.” But he consistently acted in a way to prevent proper treatment of Jackson until he was sure the singer was beyond saving.

    The charges against Murray should be Murder One.

  17. All the evidence presented this week just shows how imcompetent and careless he was. Very scary that he’s still practicing now, as a matter of fact. And I agree with your assesment of killing himself… no way, not with his children around like that. We know better.

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