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The People’s Choice Awards: they are America’s dirty little secret. Are they real? Does someone actually vote for them? Does it matter? Who are these people?

Really: you know the whole thing is a set up between publicists and studios. This is a world in which “Grown Ups” wins Best Comedy. “Twilight: Eclipse” is Best Drama. The horrific Kardashians are not only fawned over in the audience but then win some award. It’s cynicism on overload. These are the dregs of the dregs.

Why yes, Jennifer Aniston, Johnny Depp, and Adam Sandler all show up.  They have movies to plug.  What a shock! The three stars of “Twilight” are all sitting together in the front row ready to accept their award. Robert Pattinson also showed off the free phone he got in his gift bag. Well, there has to be some incentive to whore oneself out at this thing. The gift suites must have been amazing!

Queen Latifah looked nice, and I’m sure she gets a nice piece of change for the annual work. “People’s Choice” is produced by Mark Burnett, who gives us “Survivor.” The shows have a lot in common. Where is the award for Best Fast Food? Favorite mall?

I did feel bad that Warner Bros. allowed “Inception” into the mix with those other godawful movies like “Iron Man 2” and “Twilight.”  But what can you do? Anyway, it’s cold out, the garbage is piled high on the sidewalk, and five days after New Years Hollywood reminds us what it’s really all about.

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  1. At least Eminem won for best male this year. Last year it was Keith Urban. There is nothing wrong with Kieth Urban but he is nowhere near the most popular artist last year.

    The real entertainers never turn up to dodgy awards. Eminem didn’t to the AMAs or the PC.

  2. I saw Kristen Stewart at the laughable People Choice Awards. She is so incredibly awkward at these award shows ( especially the MTV Awards shows) and dealing with the media. She scares me , and I always feel uncomfortable watching her . I notice her deeply insecure offscreen personality is very similar to her acting performances onscreen- she is not really acting. The lady acts like she has a substance abuse problem. I can’t wait until all these hideous “Twllight” films are released , so I don’t have to see her , Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner ( actors with a lack of acting talent & no charisma whatsoever). Anybody can be a friggin’ movie star.

  3. I agree with you Roger, the Kardashians are hideous – the biggest media whores on the planet. Now, Mama Kardashian is desperately pimping her two young daughters and she seems to have emasculated the poor Bruce Jenner. I want them all to go away ! They are a bunch of bottom feeders . When will their 15 minutes of fame go away ? I heard the awful Kathie Lee Gifford is friends with Kris Kardashian , and told her she needs to do a reality show with her family. So, I will blame Kathie for my suffering for the rest of my life.

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