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The Producers Guild of America named its top 10 movies of the year this morning, including “Toy Story 3” but leaving out “Winter’s Bone” and “Blue Valentine.” Is this the final list for the Oscars? Maybe and maybe not.

Here they are:

127 Hours, Black Swan, Inception, The Fighter, The Kids Are All Right. The King’s Speech, The Social Network, The Town, Toy Story 3. and  True Grit

And they break down by studio: Paramount 2, Warner’s 2, Fox Searchlight 2, and one apiece for The Weinstein Company, Sony, Disney, and Universal/Focus.

But is this the final list? Last year, the PGA put “Star Trek” on its list. In the end, the sci fi reboot didn’t make the Oscar final 10. It was replaced by the Coen Brothers’ “A Serious Man.” So the PGA list is not carved in stone. With ten days left until ballots are in, there’s still time for some last minute jockeying. “Blue Valentine” is new, and got great reviews. So which one of the PGA top 10 is vulnerable? I always said, two Boston movies may be too much. “The Town,” which is older, may be the one to go. You never know.

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