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The official soda for Simon Cowell’s new “X Factor”? Why, it’s Pepsi, which beat out rival Coca Cola for the honor of blasting its commercials after every segment of the talent fest next fall.

The press release from Syco, Freemantle and Fox reads: “The comprehensive sponsorship of THE X FACTOR by Pepsi includes an extensive, multi-platform off-air marketing partnership; weekly in-show integrations and placements; and an immersive content experience online. Pepsi will be the exclusive beverage sponsor of THE X FACTOR both on and off-air.”

Sounds like the Morgan Spurlock documentary I wrote it below. Funny. Imagine all the product placements!

This just means that Pepsi spent more on this than Coke. Will it change the dynamic? Will Coke suddenly fall to number 2? Pepsi is the Avis of sodas, always trying harder. Maybe this will do it. But it seems to me that “X Factor” lost a chance to be associated with a great theme like “I’d like to teach the world to sing.” Maybe Coke will go with “American Idol.”

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  1. Yeah you’re right Mo. Pepsi seems to spend on big names, Coke just rely on the fact that they are Coke.
    Even Britney Spears preferred a Coke.

    If Pepsi hadn’t burned MJ’s hair he would probably be alive today! That’s what got him onto all the pain medication.

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