Home Theater Spider Man on Broadway Does 100% Biz Over Xmas: PR Sells

“Spider Man: Turn off the Dark” may be the most controversial Broadway show ever. But it’s also a hit.

The Julie Taymor-Bono & the Edge musical played at 100 % capacity from December 20th to the 26th according to Playbill magazine’s total of Broadway grosses.

Only two other shows played at 100% over the holiday week: “Wicked” and Al Pacino in “The Merchant of Venice.”

“Spider Man” took in just over $944,000. That’s with missed and stopped shows, cast replacements, injured players, and a barrage of attacks led by the New York Post to shut it down.

Are people coming to see if there’s an accident or a disaster? Maybe. but I think not. And word of mouth must better than the Post or other naysayers insist.

The $65 million show will open on February 7th, then spin off productions in places like Las Vegas and London.

Meantime, the shows that took in over $1 million last week included “Wicked” (over $2 mil), “The Lion King” ($1.8 mil), “Elf” ($1.5 mil), ” “Billy Elliot,” “Merchant of Venice,” “Mary Poppins,” “Jersey Boys,” and “The Addams Family.”

And closing news: “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown,” a truly terrible show, is shutting down on January 2–three weeks early. Good bye and good riddance.

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  1. Roger, Roger…normally I agree with you. If you say that you don’t like it..obviously, that’s your opinion. Keep in mind that, despite what you think of the show, there are plenty of workers who will be out of a job because it closed three weeks early. It seems like you are mocking the show (and the personnel by association).

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