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Is Sean “P Diddy/Puff Daddy” Combs finally done in the music business?

The answer may be yes, at least as a recording artist.

Combs’s latest effort, “Last Train to Paris,” failed to sell in its debut over Christmas weekend. It has yet to chart on ITunes, and is not in the top 200 albums on Amazon.com.

It’s not like Combs hasn’t pushed and promoted “Last Train.” In fact, a YouTube video of the launch party shows a young lady–hired by Combs–in a bathtub surrounded by candles. Her hair then catches on fire.

You could say Combs wishes his album would catch on fire.


In truth, Combs has never been a big seller. His only real hit album, “No Way Out,” was released in July 1997. Its success was mostly due to a remake of Sting’s “Every Breath You Take” as “I’ll Be Missing You.”

His 2006 album, “Press Play,” was a sales bust.

It’s not “Last Train” isn’t good. The single, “Angels,” is kind of melodic soft-rap. It has a nice vibe, at least in the “clean” version. You can hear it at http://badboyonline.com/

But it’s the only thing you can hear or see on the website for what was once Combs’ thriving entertainment business. He recently left Bad Boy behind at Warner Music Group after the flailing WMG bought into Diddy for about $30 million. Now Combs records for Interscope/Universal.

Otherwise, Combs is in a regrouping moment in his career. His only retail store for his Sean John clothing line is closing after six years on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The line will now be sold at Macy’s. That leaves him to promote the mostly unpopular Ciroc Vodka. He– or rather someone or something– ‘tweets’ about it endlessly.

But Sean Combs isn’t going away. He is incredibly gifted at reinventing himself. Never, never count him out.

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  1. I find it very hard to believe that hes not in the top 200 albums. He debut at 7 on the billboard 200. You’re telling me he that he is gone after just ONE week? LMAO get your facts straight.

  2. Thing about Puff Daddy (and that is where I am stuck calling him – not playing the dumb game. Puffy is really famous for being famous — for showcasing Hip Hop lifestyle — NOT as a recording artist. He was never much of one.

    Not at all surprised that the CD isn’t doing well – I’ve listened to it and it is basically a MARGINALLY good R&B album. There are far better ones out there right now.

    The joke is on the record labels who continue to sign him with all of this crazy money, who NEVER recoup their investment. Puffy keeps signing artists that nobody cares about (Cassie, Danity Kane)

    He tried to sign the now SUPER POPULAR Jay Electronica and failed because Jay knew that Puffy’s artist roster was suspect.

    Puffy needs to stick to being an ambassador for Hip Hop culture and lifestyle. In that area, he does quite well. As a “music mogul” he fails miserably.

    Combs makes Suge Knight look like Nelson Rockefeller.

  3. Diddy has always been business minded but with that mind also came an ego. He is constantly promoting but is more concerned with the image of the product rather than the quality. He should stop being so concerned with staying famous and do what’s best to keep him living large for next year because after to many failed attempts at further success he might go bankrupt.

  4. Im surprised at the level of promotion Diddy organised. Must have been atleast 5 late night appearances, and one on Letterman months ago.
    The album sold 100k, more than the 80-90k expected. Coming Home is a nice song, and currently climbing the charts.

    I think the hip hop/rnb album sales situation is quite bleak at the moment. Jamie Foxx will should with about 125-135k and Keyshia Cole at 130-140k this week after previous debuts of 265k in 2008 for Foxx and 322k in 2008 for Cole!

    Point being, album sales are rapidly declining. After debuting with 180k in 2006, its amazing he broke 100k in 2010!

  5. I agree with MJ- a lot of these hop hip sensations owe everything to Clive Davis.

    If we never heard from the annoying Kanye West again that would be great too.

  6. Combs has been trading on the illusion of Bad Boy being a success for years. His clothing line, then vodka deal and other deals make him the real money. his money losing record deals always tank for anyone he is in business with.

    The only one in the end who ever had success with Combs was Clive and Arista Records. Everything afterwards has been a mega money loser.

  7. I can only hope he invested his money wisely. I’d hate to wake up and read he’s broke like so many hip-hops.
    That album should have been more like, “Diddy presents” Dirty Money. The reviews are good, but it’s just that HE doesn’t generate excitement as an artist. He’s got to decide does he want to be a businessman or an artist. If he’s poor at being an artist then he should hand that over to someone else.

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