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It’s 10:45pm. I’ve just returned to Greenwich Village from 57th St. and Seventh Avenue. And guess what? Not one street is plowed.

My cab driver, a great guy, went very slowly down Seventh Avenue. This is what we saw: no plows working, no streets cleaned. No sign of anyone doing anything.

Broadway, Times Square, Seventh Avenue, Macy’s, all the way down: nothing. Back on 57th St., it was full of snow going east and west.

Even Mike Bloomberg’s precious pedestrian mall where Broadway has been destroyed in Times Square–no one was sitting in the garden chairs, that’s for sure!

Down here in the Village, you can fuhgeddaboutit. Sixth Avenue has not been this full of snow in at least 14 years. It’s a beautiful, impassable tableau.

Remember the blizzard of 1996? Rudy Giuliani was plowing these streets before the snow even fell.

Where is Mike Bloomberg? Bermuda?

At this rate, with this strategy–let it snow completely then try and plow the streets–Monday and Tuesday are going to be long days.

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  1. The city has budget cuts. He ain’t spending the money to clean it up and allow people in city to move. Hell I wonder if the mayor is even in the city

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