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Mitzie Verne, James Franco‘s grandmother, and owner of the famed Verne Art Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio, has a Christmas greeting for us.

She and her grandson made this video on Friday, and here’s the link. http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/00d8bf6a82/christmas-greetings-from-the-franco-s

It’s very cute. Basically, Mitzi says the people who are afraid to go to “127 Hours” are “a bunch of pussies.”

She’s right. Man up, everyone.

And yes, James Franco is Jewish. (Mother’s side; Dad is Portugese.) Ho ho ho.

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  1. James,

    I regret not having seen your movie in a theater. PPV or DVD, when? I was busy or otherwise committed. Food in Santa Fe? I need some warning (2-3 days, or a specified perhaps).

    Ray Stringfield

  2. Wow, 127 hrs done a flopped $10 mil of business since Nov 5 release?? WTF… BTW, best post yet Roger lol. You resemble Perez Hilton with this entry… just sayin.

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