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Enrique Iglesias is kind of at the low end of what’s left of the music business. A Ken doll following in the footsteps of his onerous father, Enrique has often invited skepticism about whether he’s actually singing at all. (Remember the Howard Stern incident?)

In the latest episode of his weird career, Enrique has just released a new record called “Tonight (I’m  F—ing You).” That’s right. Taking Cee Lo Green even further, the teen pop idol has just gone for it. Since he has the insights of a gnat on all his other records, there’s not much left for Iglesias to sing about. So he sings the “F word” away, as if it were just another bouncy tune in his repertoire of nonsense.

But get this: jammed into the new video for “Tonight (I’m F—in’ You)” is a sample of Shirley Temple‘s classic record, “On the Good Ship Lollipop.” I’m sure Enrique has no idea who she is, but Shirley Temple Black is a former US Ambassador and US Chief Protocol officer. She was also the most famous child star of all time. I’m sure neither she nor the estates of the composers of that song would be thrilled to know what they’ve been tossed into.

In the video, the scene cuts from Enrique singing this coarse, low class (class tells, doesn’t it?) love song to rapper Ludacris sitting in a limo. The driver has just changed the radio station from “Tonight” to “Good Ship.” Ludacris tells him change it back. Ha ha!

Sidney Clare and Richard A. Whiting wrote “Good Ship.” Whiting died young, but his daughter, Margaret Whiting, now 86, went on to become a famous singer. Clare is credited by the Oxford English Dictionary for inventing the term “rock and roll.” They were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1970.

I don’t want to sound like Tipper Gore on a high moral horse here, but don’t record companies have some responsibility for good taste? It’s not like Iglesias is a rapper who’s defined by vulgarity. He’s a rich kid with questionable abilities who’s stooped low to make a buck. Yuck.


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  1. And whats with Ludacris jumping on so many dance tracks with mediocre raps. He is clearly ‘chart chasing’; trying to get top 10 songs just for the stats.

  2. I really like the clean version of the song.
    The explicit version is really bad. It sounds like they made that one second. The swearing sounds forced.

  3. Yes, the new song is tacky but it’s catchy, and all of Enrique’s songs are very catchy and entertaining in their own way. And of course he’s singing his own songs. D’uh.

  4. I watched the (porn) video with the writhing, naked bodies of “women” (no men?)….and I’m with you Roger, how low can record companies go? If his record company wouldn’t sanction it, then he would have released it on his own anyway.
    It’s not a good record by any means, it’s another euro-dance record, same beat and his voice is auto-tuned. Must be a lot of pressure on him to have a winning top 10 record.
    I wonder what his father thinks? But they didn’t have a very good relationship, did they?

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