Home Movies “127 Hours” Still Alive, Kicking: Studio Stands Fast

Danny Boyle‘s extraordinary film, “127 Hours,” isn’t being forgotten or forsaken by Fox Searchlight.

The studio assures me that despite cutbacks in the number of theatres currently showing the film, “127” will get a second life beginning in January around the time of the Oscar nominations.

To that end, Fox Searchlight tells me they’ve started a new marketing campaign called “I Kept My Eyes Open for 127 Hours.” They’re featuring T shirts with the slogan and doing everything they can to lighten up the idea that the movie is grim. It’s not.


Also here’s a new commercial for the film, which I’ve put on my top 10 list for 2010.


Let’s rally around “127 Hours.” If you’re serious about film, go check out this one, “Blue Valentine,” and “Rabbit Hole” during the holiday break!

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