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This will not be like the famous scenes from Blake Edwards‘ masterpiece satire, “SOB.” A studio executive dies on Malibu beach, and no realizes it. Dogs and kids run around him, the tide rolls in and out, and he just lies there.

Blake Edwards has died at age 88, and attention, as they say, must be paid. Known as Julie Andrews‘ husband, he was a comic genius. He’s quickly remembered for the “Pink Panther” films, but the list is so impressive. “Victor/Victoria” is a classic. “Days of Wine and Roses,” a masterpiece. “10” was so popular it was like an earthquake. “Switch” is the best solo performance by Ellen Barkin ever. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is a cult favorite, memorable in every way.

And really, Edwards was an independent filmmaker, with a rebel’s heart. Like Robert Altman and Clint Eastwood, Edwards was one of the few mavericks who negotiated the studio system and never lost his identity. A Hollywood giant, Blake Edwards will be sorely missed.,

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  1. Victor/Victoria remains one of my favorite films. I love absolutely everything about the film. It is available for instant streaming if you’re a subscriber to Netflix. I’ve seen this movie so many times, I’ve long ago lost count. It’s become like a old comfortable robe or shoe. I can recite the script from memory. The choreography of the musical numbers is great and the songs are like classical standards. Plus, the movie is funny as heck and the dialog is snappy and very interesting.

    His other accomplishments are well documented. Victor/Vicoria alone makes him a giant, in my book.

  2. Roger,

    Blake was my funniest friend, actually the funniest person I ever met.I co produced Victor/ Victoria on Broadway and on tour in the early 90’s and we worked on a few other things.His wisdom,attitude and friendship were among the most inspiring relationships of my life. He never got the true recognition he deserved so I’m glad you pointed out his greatness in today’s article.

    John Scher

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