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Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul and dear friend, is home from the hospital and she’s ok.

Miss Franklin granted JET Magazine a short interview so we know she’s feeling better. She told the mag:

“I feel great. The doctors say I can do whatever I feel like I am up to do. Of course, that doesn’t mean any concerts or anything like that. But I can do things around the house, and today I am just piddling around the house.”

She’s going to go through eight weeks of recuperation and rest. Says Aretha: “I am putting Aretha together first. We will put Ree Ree together first. This is Aretha time to do whatever it is that I need to do. But I will talk more later.”

Countless celebrities have sent her messages of support  including Stevie Wonder, Oprah Winfrey, Tavis Smiley, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Patti LaBelle, Dionne Warwick, Smokey Robinson, Berry Gordy, Condoleezza Rice, Shirley Caesar, Karen Clark Sheard, Dorinda Clark Cole and Vanessa Bell Armstrong.
She tells JET:  “There were so many people. I might not remember everyone’s name right this moment, but please, I want them know I appreciate their prayers.”

Aretha tells the magazine that she’s been relaxing by catching up on her reading, and going through her messages. “It is good to sit up, too. I also might make one or two business calls.  Not too much, just a teeny bit.”

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  1. Agreed. She is a treasure. A pure treasure. That Grammy performance was outstanding made all the better beacause I understand she was a last minute sub. She is not only a wonderful singer but person as well. Well wishes to her. I hope she gets a tribute and that she will be part of it. So richly deserved.

  2. Wow, surprised Whitney Houston didnt send well wishes considering Aretha is her godmother. Dionne was mentioned so it would seem an oversight if Whitney/Cissy did send well wishes and was not mentioned. Hmm.

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