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Michael Jackson’s new “Michael” album was officially released today. It immediately zoomed up the charts to number…five.

Wow: checking out the amazon and ITunes charts this morning, “Michael” is in the fifth place on both lists. On amazon he’s being held back by Taylor Swift, Glee, Susan Boyle, and today’s low priced Mariah Carey special.

Over on ITunes, Jackson is stymied also by Glee, as well as by R. Kelly, Mumford and Sons, and the “Tron” soundtrack.

What gives? Last night at Roseland, Jackson fans turned out in droves for an album launch party, Entry was free. Upstairs in a private section, Jackson executor John Branca, manager Frank DiLeo, execs from Sony, writer-producer Eddie Cascio, brother Frank and their dad, plus Akon all partied–glad that “Michael” is finally out.

But now the trick is to overcome the weird, incorrect impression that vocals on the album aren’t Michael’s. They are. And to get a hit single going. After the Akon track, “Hold My Hand,” expect to hear “Monster” with 50 Cent hit the airwaves.

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  1. Wow, every Dick, Tom and Jane has become and expert on Michael Jackson’s vocals! Stop calling other people stupid for buying and listening the album! If you have doubt take it on the court and start consumer fraud complaint! It is easy to be tough behind computer, but I bet you wouldn’t show your face on the court! Michael made music all his life! He make it for the fans! No one has a right to sabotage the album and calling himself the real fan! You don’t even know what real fan even is! No one knows what Michael would have wanted! But I know when Michael was alive, little who cared about his music! Now everyone is trying to advocate for Michael! I want to hear Michael’s music as it is! If they are going to remix, fine! At least we get to hear Michael’s voice! Michael made music for our Planet, not for Americans or ghetto communities! Don’t feel guilty for listening Michael’s music, Anne, feel blessed!
    To the rest, what ever you say, it will not change the fact that Michael has gone, and Sony will release albums with new songs, probably every 2 or 3 years! I don’t care for Off the Wall Remix or other compilation of songs, because I have all that! I want Michael’s new songs to be released, but thanks to some dimwits we are going to have it on sale very rare! Are you happy now! Enjoy the music! Because the next album with new songs is probably going to be released on 2012!

  2. I listened to the album online and felt guilty just for listening because Michael Jackson would not like it being released. It is an insult to his memory for anyone to finish his songs for him after his death even if it is his voice. He died because of the industry’s greed and I hope they all go broke.

  3. I love, adore and have respected and listened to Michael Jackson’s music joyously for over 30 years…Michael’s new album is Michael Jackson at his finest, funkiest and there’s just as dedication to his art/music as always…so to all the doubters, soul-less and spiteful beings including the media you know where to go… Michael’s universally embraced and loved music will ALWAYS live forever…Michael Jackson lives forever in the hearts of millions and always will..

  4. I don’t care where it opens but hopefully it will get to number 1 at some point. And you are right, they need to release Monster on the airwaves asap. Has all the makings of a hit, except I don’t think they really needed the rap part. But hot, hot song.

  5. Are you people, total idiots!!! ANY REAL MJ FAN would know that some of those songs especially MONSTER is NOT MJ’s voice! That Hollywood song -NOT MJ. He would never sing a stupid song like that. And I’m questioning that Breaking News song too!If you cannot pick out the songs he isn’t singing then you are not a MJ fanatic and dont you dare call yourself one. Of course the record producers are going to say it’s him if they don’t an outcry and protest against the CD will be started!!! People will be angry, I am angry that I was fooled into buying a CD that is supposed to be MJ and it is not ALL MJ. I dont want to buy a CD with some other guy singing MJ’s songs!!! I want to hear MJ!!! We have been scammed and im mad! They need to stop trying to money of MJ and leave him alone let him rest in peace!

  6. Why all the commotion over those three songs…Monster, Keep Your Head Up, and Breaking News? Well, listen to the lyrics and stop and think about how many times, how many people are listening to these songs over and over to see if it is Michael singing or not. If I were Michael, I would want people all over the world listening to these three songs over and over. Maybe people will finally listen to these lyrics and get it once and for all.

    Michael, we love you! Keep the Faith…BeLIEve!!

    L.O.V.E. and blessings to all.

  7. I don’t think the songs produced by the Casico brother’s are 100% Michael either…I’m not even sure 20 percent of the vocals are Michael. However, I’ve been telling other fans this throughout this whole controversy, although we’re angry that Sony has done wrong by us and Michael yet again, like they did with the Invincible album. boycotting this album wouldn’t hurt anyone more than it would hurt Michael’s legacy. If this album sells bad Sony will use it as an excuse to promote the next one even less.

  8. FYI – Akon was NOT there. I was there in the VIP section with all the other individuals you mentioned. Did you mean Teddy Riley? Because he was there, but definitely NO Akon…

  9. The reason they weren’t socialable is because it shaking in their pants. They think MJ fans would buy anything. When doubt was put out there, there investment went south. Very nervous people was in that room. They are driven by money. Either MJ spent it or send it overseas, which ever they’re motives is money they could careless about interacting with fans!!!!!

  10. ok, for all those people that don’t think that it is MJ’s voice, how dare you, why would anyone in their right mind try to fool his fans, there are thousands of artists these days that have the sounds of their voices change through the years,the music on this album fit Michael perfectly, and it also reaches out to the new generations. The album is great, and i know there is much more to come from MJ’s estate, so all you who doubt the majestry of the king of pop shame on you, how can you call yourselves fans, he lives through his music, and it will be that way for generations to come!

  11. Well in the U.S. it’s #2 at itunes, it just can’t seem to get above R. Kelly. I agree with some of Roger that some people probably don’t trust the authenticity. However, another poster mentioned it hasn’t gotten any promotion which would be correct. Not everyone in the general public actively searches for news about MJ products like longtime fans do. Why in the world would Sony not put more money into promotion? I hope this doesn not become a pattern with Sony when it comes to MJ products or expect the same results from the next few albums released.

  12. Why is there always some fool like John in all these things? If you are not interested why are you commenting? I think the album is fabulous, but once again it will be up to the fans to support Mike’s legacy as Sony seems incapable of promoting his music. Let us also not forget that almost 20 years of relentless media crucifixion of Michael has driven a wedge between him and the US sheeple. It is up to the fans to re-introduce the US audience to Mike’s genius and educate them about the Truth. The album will outsell anything else on the market and have legs – just like Invincible.

  13. “I was there at the Roseland Ballroom last night. I am shocked that all those execs as well as Akon was there and none of them decided to say something to us, Michael’s fans. It would have meant so much to us. That is what was always different about Michael and why we love him so much. He always showed love to his fans”

    I was there as well, I saw Frank Dileo. However why didn’t they speak to the fans…is beyond me…besides that. The celebration was awesome..peoples faces where glowing…dancing to the very end..and become ONE when HOLD MY HAND was playing in the big screen.

  14. I really like the CD a lot. No, it’s not Thriller. But it IS thrilling to hear Michael’s beautiful amazing vocals again! That’s the bottom line for me. I’ll cherish mine forever. The rest of it -the controversy about fake vocals, leaks, insider and family infighting, blah blah blah forever and a note — it’s all just noise.

    I agree with Roger Friedman, Monster is a good, logical choice for a single. It has an accessible, contemporary sound that won’t be out of place with the biggest hits heard nowadays on urban radio.

  15. It’s doing OK in the UK (will probably go Top 3) but promotion has been pretty much zilch except for a 30 second avert during the X Factor Final on Sunday. Hold My Hand scraped in at number 11 in the charts last week. Really poor marketing by Sony in my opinion. A new MJ album should always be an event but the backing from Sony is lacklustre at best. When the This Is It concerts were announced AEG purchased the entire advert break during X Factor and put together a 3 minute advertisement. The result? 1 million tickets sold. Sort it out Sony!

    They should release Behind The Mask as the next single – a killer track and proper old school Michael Jackson.

  16. I agree – what gives? This album is Michael’s voice and it’s awesome. It’s incredible. I hope Monster becomes a single – it’s great.

    I heard that Michael is now platinum in 10 countries – let’s make it a world wide event. MJ is so deserving of this honor. Come on America – it’s about time we show our love to Michael too!

  17. I was there at the Roseland Ballroom last night. I am shocked that all those execs as well as Akon was there and none of them decided to say something to us, Michael’s fans. It would have meant so much to us. That is what was always different about Michael and why we love him so much. He always showed love to his fans. I have the album and those are definitely Michael’s voice. No one else sounds even close to Him. Love you Mike!!!!

  18. I bought a physical CD and always do. I think most MJ fans will by the physical copy as a souvenier.

    I dont want to spend $15 bucks for digital files. Il always by my albums phisically, and im only 20!

    70% of album sales in the US are bought at stores like Wallmart and Best Buy.

  19. Not the ALBUM Roger the 3 Cascio tracks. Keep your head up, Monster and Breaking News. Aren’t Michael. They have cuts of Michael from other songs such as “We’ve had enough” from the Ultimate Collection. Go listen to it.

    The lead is not Michael on all 3 of these songs. The other 7 ARE Michael.

  20. They AREN’T, Roger. Kill all that noise. Who are you trying to convince?

    Is Michael singing on those songs? Yes. Is he singing all of the leads on those songs? A big fat NO. Eddie and Teddy should have told the truth in the first place. What’s the truth? They got another singer to fill in the gaps on the unfinished song. Michael’s fans are not idiots so don’t play us like we are.

  21. Why are you surprised at the 5th place standing? There has been NO PROMOTION AT ALL… And if the same GENIUSES who put this album together think Monster is a good next single (wich is one of songs with suspect vocals), this album will tank even harder.

  22. Well, everywhere you turn here… you’ve got someone saying it’s either disrespectful (will.i.am, Oxman, etc.) to put this out or family questioning the legitimacy of his voice. Not to mention all the leaks that occurred before this got released. Many people just got it for free off the internet days ago. And is it my imagination or is this getting little promotion here in the U.S.?

    I just bought it this morning, and it’s a great CD! Love it… People, wake up!

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