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James Franco, nominated for “127 Hours”: Danny Boyle gave me the actor opportunity of a lifetime.  I’m very grateful.
Danny is one of the most innovative directors anywhere.  He deserves credit for his ground breaking work.”

Bryan Cranston, “Breaking Bad” Emmy winning star: “I don’t develop a sense of entitlement,” says Cranston. “I keep my expectations so low that anything is a surprise to me – so perhaps I come in under the radar for that reason.”

“Last year, Jon Hamm said he and Hugh Laurie were going to beat me up before the Emmys. He’s just a bully, that’s all, and I have to deal
with it,” jokes Cranston.

“But seriously,” he adds, “If I didn’t win it, it wouldn’t detract from my appreciation of the good fortune I have to go to work on this show. If you had to be either Rose Queen or in her court – I’m happy to be invited to the parade. And speaking of that, I’ll have you know I’ll be wearing a lovely sequined gown to the show.”

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