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Nice news this morning for Yankee fans. One of our faves, superstar outfielder Nick Swisher, got married yesterday to actress Joanna Garcia in Palm Beach, Florida. A-Rod brought Cameron Diaz. We’d know more but the guests had to sign confidentiality agreements. (As you do!)

But wait: whatever happened to Derek Jeter‘s wedding to Minka Kelly? It was all set for November 5th in a castle on Long Island. Remember? The New York Post ran a huge story on it last January.

Here’s the link to a head line that read: “Derek Jeter, Minka Kelly Set to Become Mr., Mrs ‘November”


This is what the Post said, so definitively: “After getting a tip about the upcoming nuptials, The Post confirmed the date by spotting a curious entry in the official calendar at the ritzy reception palace Oheka Castle in Huntington, LI, for the first Friday in November that read simply “JETER wedding.” Page Six broke the story of their secret engagement in August.”

I’m so glad I didn’t send that Oster blender from Bed, Bath and Beyond! I know Melky Cabrera feels the same way.

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