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Thirty years? It’s gone by in a blink. Here are my 30 favorite John Lennon songs–for today. The list always changes. The songs are actually all equal. I was 23 the year John Lennon was killed. The year before brought the death of my other hero of my youth, Thurman Munson. Nowadays, heroes are harder and harder to find.

1. Imagine

2. Real Love

3. Across the Universe

4. In My Life

5. Julia

6. Come Together

7. Help!

8. In My Life

9. Instant Karma

10. #9 Dream

11. A Day in the Life

12. I’m So Tired

13. Norwegian Wood

14. No Reply

15. Jealous Guy

16. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

17. Watching the Wheels

18. Strawberry Fields Forever

19. I Am the Walrus

20. Revolution

21. Crippled Inside

22. Strawberry Fields Forever

23. Happiness is a Warm Gun

24. Whatever Gets You Thru the Night

25. Oh Yoko!

26. Woman

27. Nobody Told Me

28. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

29. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

30. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds



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  1. OMG, this list ROCKS. This man remains my favorite songwriter ever- only “Julia” would be number 1 on my list and “Mother,” “I Feel Fine,” “Woman Is The ****** Of The World,” and “Beautiful Boy” would be on that list for sure. Oh and “Because!!!”

    The man was just a genius.

  2. Not going to try to come up with 30. I think my favorite John songs are
    I’m Only Sleeping (the story of my life!)
    Tomorrow Never Knows
    I’m a Loser
    It’s Only Love

  3. We definitely have to include the beautiful “How” and “Gimme Some Truth.”

    I was -2 (born in 1982), but I started listening to his music in my teens and never looked back. I suggest that everyone buys the Gimme Some Truth documentary on DVD that shows how he came up with the Imagine album.

    Great insight not only into the album, but into his personal life. He was definitely a very complex, often angry, borderline bitchy, yet silly, guy (love the scene when he records the vocals to “Oh Yoko” with Phil Spector and he gets really upset with the sound engineer.

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