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This is rich: Mel Gibson has ceased having Mass and other services at his private church in Agoura Hills, California (adjacent to Malibu).

Every year, as this column has exclusively reported,  Mel plops $10 million into his tax exempt AP Reilly Foundation. The money is supposed to be for running the church, which is not recognized by any archdiocese. Holy Family is for Mel’s religion. it has about 70 member families. It also can’t cost more than $500,000 a year. What’s all that money for, one wonders?

According to Federal Tax Filings, AP Reilly now has assets of $59.1 million. Remember, on the famous tapes, he told babymama Oksana he was broke? Not exactly.

Anyway, one of Mel’s parishioners decided to sell him out. They took a picture of him and illegitimate daughter Lucia at the church. The picture is all over the place, on the web etc.

So, just like Jesus, Mel has been sold out by a follower. His punishment? No more Mass or other regular services according to TMZ.com.

Here’s the question, then: when is a church not a church? If they’re not going to have their religious services, does Holy Family still qualify for non profit tax exemptions? That may be an answer only God can give us.

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  1. Touche Sam! Some of you should really listen to yourselves. Have you actually thought about what you’re saying? How many of you LAUGHED OUT LOUD when your favorite STAND UP COMIC laughingly berated the blacks, or the Jews, and fat people, and the mentally disabled, and… need I go on? Do any of you remember hearing about Glass Houses? How about “Let he who is without sin…” and then there’s “Judge not…” You claim to be God fearing and Jesus loving, but who of you actually FOLLOWS the COMMANDMENTS of the Biblical God and/or the TEACHINGS of Jesus? Is it not supposed to be TOLERANCE rather than IN-tolerance? How many of you expects to be forgiven YOUR indiscretions by your peers? Your spouses? your parents? and your children not to mention God and Jesus?
    If someone were to look at YOUR lives under a powerful microscope how well would YOU fare? (Keep that microscope away from me!) Sure, you may say, “But I’M not a public figure…blah, blah, blah”. That may be true. BUT what about your OWN families, friends, children? Would it be a stretch to assume THEY might be more influenced by YOUR attitudes and behaviors rather than MEL GIBSON’s?
    Would it not serve us all better if EVERY person who uses slurs no matter their race, color, or creed were held accountable rather than just some of us? Who’s the REAL hypocrite?
    $60 million, huh? Gee, I wish I had $60 million. Wait…could THAT be the problem? Could it be that some of you are JEALOUS of his bank account? OR are you ANGRY with yourselves for contributing to his fortune? You did you know. Each time you watched or bought one of his films. Or are you more disappointed to learn that Mr. Gibson has human foibles just like you and me?
    I for one still love Mel Gibson, and I’ll STILL watch his films AND buy them just as I have always done in the past. Maybe I’ll change my mind as soon as I become as perfect as those of you who have judged him apparently are. But until then…

  2. OMG…just saw the pictures of baby and dad Gibson. She looks like Ludmilla, Oksana’s mom! Have you seen photos of this woman? I’d say it should be a prayer that the baby DOES NOT capture the looks of Ludmilla.

  3. Does Mel think that he is God? He sure rants like the devil, though. How could he get all that money tax free because he has his own church?
    Also (to sao), Mel is from the old misogynistic school of thought, so according to Mel, his daughter is certainly illegitimate (a bastard)–a child who is from an unmarried relationship. I don’t believe in such ideas because they are misogynistic–however Mel’s religious aspects certainly support such beliefs.

  4. So Mel got angry at his lying extortionist girlfriend (one he’d been trying to dump kindly for a long time) in PRIVATE.

    So Mel has a potty mouth? Big f*cking deal. MOST adults do whether they will admit it or not. Only liars will deny it. Only the self righteous will try to shun others for it.

    1) Alcohol is NOT a truth serum. If it was every court in every land would use it and lawyers would be out of work––bartenders would be IN.

    2) Everyone uses slurs at some time. Look at our music, our movies, literature, etc etc–even many spiritual and moral leaders use slurs commonly (Jesse Jackson calls Whites ‘whitey’–a direct slam if there ever was one and HE does it on a podeum.)

    Mel has done NOTHING wrong. Those with power and personal vendettas against him have perpetuated this smear campaign against him (ARI, Ox.) ALL bad press releases and crap spin stories trace right back tot hse and their contacts (ARI.)

    You haters need to wake up and start FIGHTING for what is right here, afterall it could be YOU or your brother or your father etc, instead of trying to sit on the ’slam Mel’ wagon for some false reasn, which is very very WRONG.

    WAKE UP!

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