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You know, most religions make industrial films to get new members. Doesn’t yours? The Jewish one was “Portnoy’s Complaint.” The Catholic one was “The Godfather.” The Protestant film was “Ordinary People.”

Now Scientology, which can call itself a religion based on its tax status, is shooting its own new pitch film. I’m told they do it all the time. They recently placed a casting call in the trades for an actor to star in such a film. Why they don’t call Tom Cruise or John Travolta is a mystery.

Anyway, the part is for a “Scientology Practitioner.” The description:  “Lead Male / 30 to 40 / Caucasian, Ethnically Ambiguous, Mixed, Multi-Ethnic     Looking for a handsome, athletic gentleman that has a military/rugged look with great stage presence and commanding voice. This is a very intense role so preferably with Theatre background.”

No mention of meeting Xenu, or even Travolta.

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  1. right to believe…and policy driven criminality of Scientology are two different things. the cloak of a religion is not a get out of jail free card.

  2. Every religion has the right to tell others about what they believe in. Whether someone takes the information positively or negatively is really out of their hands, but I think it is wrong for us to condemn Scientology having so little knowledge about it. If they want to make a movie to promote their religion I don’t see that this is wrong. The Catholics and Protestants did it, let’s respect them to their desire to share their religion to others.

  3. Scientology placed an Advert for 7000 WOG Extras to fill an auditorium for an ISA Scientology event in London. in 2009

    the fastest growing religion is a sham.

  4. Even though I patrol the net for Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs I’d still like to think I’m an un-biased guy and that this movie will probably win
    a Nobel Prize for being extremely workable.

  5. Well of course they need a new actor-their last one left the cult in disgust over the abuses that are so rampant in this organization. Scientology still owes him a great deal of money, but what are the chances he’ll ever see a dime of it? Slim to none. Scientology isn’t called the cult of greed and power for nothing.

  6. The Scientologists did a pitch film a while ago with John Travolta. It was called Battlefield Earth and was directed by the leader of the church of scientology David Miscavige by proxy – he would watch the rushes and issue instructions to be given to the producer and director. At least according to two ex scientologists who use to work directly with David Miscavige at the time.

    I guess this must be the sequel, “Battlefield Earth 2 – It Gets Worse”.

    Incidentally, apparently there is now a curse of scientology. It seems that being connected with the church of scientology not only associates you with controversy it is also bad luck of the career destroying kind. Of course if you’re not suspicious they do pay good money and leaving scientology loudly these days can actually benefit your career.

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