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Michael Jackson’s new album, “Michael,” seems to be popping up around the internet a week before its release date.

I’ve found “Monster,” featuring 50 Cent, hiding in plain sight.

“The Way You Love Me” is on You Tube.

“Another Day,” written and produced by Lenny Kravitz, is also out there.

Add those to “Breaking News,” “Hold My Hand,” and “Much Too Soon,” already released by Sony. That’s six of the ten tracks.

The good news is, both “Monster” and “The Way You Love Me” are just great. “Monster” is one of the three Eddie Cascio tracks. “The Way You Love Me” is a classic Michael ballad that hearkens back to “I Can’t Just Stop Loving You” and “Got to Be There.”

And yes, all three Cascio tracks are sung by Michael. There are no imposters. The album version of “Breaking News” is a little different than the one that streamed last month on Michael’s website. It should convince everyone that it’s MJ himself.


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  1. Yesterday’s Oprah show quieted the naysayers about the validity of MJ’s voice. This controversy was set up in 2007 with the Jason Malachi (which contains all the letters in Michael Jackson) ploy. MJ has planned to fake his death for more than a decade and there has been reports of it since 1994.

    It’s the most shocking story of our lifetime. Since you are reading this article, learn FACTS at: MichaelJacksonPseudocide.com – promises not to disappoint the EmovieBook, “Pseudocide Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?”

    Teddy Riley, I got your back and ALL the FACTS, PROOFS, ELOQUENCE AND COURAGE to bring this to the mainstream. You tried on Oprah by saying “he’s smiling right now”, of course he is.

    Keep Michaeling!

  2. Roger, that is the old version of “The Way You Love Me” previously released in 2004 on The Ultimate Collection. The newer version has a intro with Michael on the telephone.

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