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Michael Jackson‘s new album, “Michael,” is out. I have my copy. And guess what? An electronics store in mid town Manhattan actually put a pile of them on sale today by accident. They were a week too soon– or “Much Too Soon” to quote a title from the new album. Anyway, after I told them, they put it away. My copy didn’t come from the store. (I was buying a camera.)

The best thing about the finished album: “Breaking News” is great. It’s all Michael singing all the way through it. Sony screwed up the mix on the Michael Jackson website last month, which sent his fans into shock. But the real mix is clearly Michael’s vocals from beginning to end. It’s a very good track.

The other tracks made with Eddie Cascio, first conceived by his brother Frank Cascio with co-writer James Porte, are excellent. Both “Keep Your Head Up” and “Monster,” the latter featuring 50 Cent, are destined for singles. Again, they are clearly all Michael. “Monster” is destined to be a Monster hit.

The other standouts are the Lenny Kravitz recording, “Another Day,” and “I Like the Way You Love Me.” The latter is a different version from the one known to fans, and on the video in this column. It’s been totally re-conceived. And it has a nice snippet of Michael talking on work tape. This also is so ready for radio play–it will be a welcome addition to the airwaves.

The sleeper track: a little funk number called “Behind the Mask.”

Considering all his complaining, I was surprised to find Michael’s nephew, Taryll Jackson, featured on a track. On the album’s liner notes, the album is dedicated to “Michael’s children, Katherine Jackson, and the entire Jackson family.”

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  1. @helen: What you’re saying is what Roger means by “sleeper”. I’m guessing you think he’s saying it’s boring. Not at all. “Sleeper” means it’s a real gem flying under the radar. Like it’s “laying low”, and surprising you.

  2. It was reported that MJ’s album has already been pirated. It was hijacked by hackers. If you’re buying MJ’s album before its actual release, and at a very cheap price, you’re most likely buying a pirated copy.

    Please, if you LOVE MJ buy his album the right way. Downloading illegally or buying a pirated copy is like killing him for the second time.

  3. I’m anxious to buy the new album.
    I liked all the songs but my favorite is “Keep Your Head Up.”
    Michael’s voice is angelic and wonderful.
    Michael, Brazil loves you.

  4. Looking forward to hearing the CD. Should be great. Michael had so much talent. And it’s a shame that he passed away so soon, before having a chance to deliver this music himself.

  5. I’m really looking forward to getting this next week. Very interesting about Breaking News. I’ve heard snippets from most songs, and I like them all! Taryll, how about shutting up now, will ya?

  6. I have pre-ordered mine but haven’t got it. Michael Jackson facebook account is now streaming the album track by track. It is a great album.

  7. I’ll recieve my pre-ordered CD of ‘Michael’ in a day or so. It occurs to me that the release of this posthumous album is a situation which completely defines the concept of bittersweet. The sweetness is that even in death, Michael Jackson can create excitement like no other entertainer, ever. The bitter, is the cost: much too high. I’m so looking forward to getting the CD; but I’m grieving, still, the loss of Michael Jackson. We shall never see his like again. RIP MJ.

  8. Hi Roger,

    I’m a faithful reader of your column. I read it every day and I’m a huge MJ fan. Why can’t you just say in the headline that the album is “really good!” instead of “really PRETTY good”? What’s with the “pretty”?? haha… I was able to listen to 30 second snippets of every track via TMZ and I think the tracks are excellent, awesome really. Easily among his best work. The vocals are amazing, the production is amazing. I love every track. And it’s soooo his vocals! I will never understand what that strange uproar was all about. It’s him!!

    Ok, that’s my beef. Later.

  9. Thank you for the information about Michal Jackson’s new album.
    I have pre-ordered four from Amazon, and the waiting is more than I can take.

    By the way, Taryll Jackson, like many of the other “Jacksons” is
    simply not a nice person.

  10. Are you out of your freakin’ mind? I have a copy too and Behind The Mask ROCKS! as well as Hollywood Tonight! Wake up man! What’s wrong with your ears??? Michael is alive, too, by the way in case you didn’t that out months ago! Love 50 cent rap in Monster, too!

    “funeral’s, cemetaries, don’t worry it’s time to visit
    broke bones, tombstones, how do you think I’m kidding
    its home, sweet home, the land of the forbidden
    all hell, run tell, the King has risen
    2010 Thriller, there’s nothing iller, it’s killer”

    We love you Michael Jackson!

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