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We can add “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” to the list of Broadway shows posting closing notices.

Last night the cast of the clever musical was told that the show — which began off Broadway and maybe should have stayed there–will have its last performance on January 2nd.

“Bloody” joins a long list of shows folding up their tents, from “Promises, Promises” and “A Little Night Music” to “The Scottsboro Boys.” “Elf,” “Elling,” “Fela!”, “In the Heights,” “Next to Normal,” and “The Pee Wee Herman Show.”

“Bloody” will have a legacy, though. It made a star out of Benjamin Walker, also the fiance of actress Mamie Gummer, daughter of Meryl Streep. Walker was supposed to be in the new “X Men” movie but chose instead to continue with the musical. Now I’m told he’s being courted for a half dozen new movies. I do hope “Andrew Jackson” is filmed for posterity. It’s a highly ambitious, innovative show.

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  1. Scottsboro Boys was the worst piece of junk I’ve ever seen (or didn’t see – I walked out after 30 minutes.) Minstrel show, indeed. Good riddance!

  2. First of all, “Elf” and “Pee Wee Herman” were limited-run shows — meaning they were going to close after the first of the year anyway.

    Let’s not be so anxious to write about closings that we leave out all common sense and proper research.

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