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You may have heard: “Charlie’s Angels” is coming back to TV.

Spun off this time from the hit movies of the early 90s, “Charlie’s Angels” is being readied to follow “Hawaii Five-O” back to the small screen. (If you’re young, “Charlie’s Angels” is about three sexy spies, and has nothing to do with Charlie Sheen’s private life.)

And guess who’s going to be the voice of Charlie? None other than Robert J. Wagner, one of our favorite all time Hollywood legends.

Wagner follows in the footsteps of the late John Forsythe. He’ll be explaining the new cases to an all new set of beautiful spies, as well as a new Bosley. According to my sources, no one else has been cast yet for this Charlie’s Redux.

Wagner’s participation in the new “Charlie’s” is no coincidence. In the real world, Wagner and the late Natalie Wood owned 50% of the original TV series through a deal with Spelling-Goldberg TV. A couple of years ago, Wagner sued over rights to the movies, too, but lost on appeal. It’s presumed his first deal, the for the TV series, still stands.

And who should play Bosley, Charlie’s right hand man? In the movies first it was Bill Murray, then the late Bernie Mac. I hope the producers stick with a little multi-culturalism. It would be nice to see a black Bosley and a black Angel. How about Mos Def for the former, and Gabrielle Union for the latter? A:so, she may not want to do TV, but I’d pick Michelle Monaghan for lead Angel.

As for Wagner, he’s “in” all the time!

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  1. I agree Sharon!

    Look at the new show, “UNDERCOVERS,” for example. Casting minorities as lead characters in a smart, well written show never sells because they aren’t watching them. They’re usually watching sitcoms or cartoons.

  2. I think they ought to cast Claire Danes, Kate Hudson, and Zoe Saldana for the angels…or instead of Kate, have America Ferrara in one of the angel roles….

  3. “I hope the producers stick with a little multi-culturalism. It would be nice to see a black Bosley and a black Angel.”

    Multi-culturalism? Blacks aren’t Americans? Do you mean racial diversity? In Hollywood that means over-representation of minorities, doesn’t it?

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