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Tonight’s the night.

At 6:30pm at the Foxwoods–yikes–Theater on West 42nd St., Julie Taymor unveils “Spider Man: Turn off the Dark.”

Clocking in around $60 million (who knows by now), “Spider Man” will play its first preview.

This is NOT opening night. And while theater wags will be circling the theater like vultures preparing to devour their prey, it’s not fair to actually review the show until it actually opens on January 11, 2011.

Still, expect Tweets and instant messages and live blogging from all over the theater. The vicious types (they rhyme with needle) will be lurking like comic book villains in the wings. It’s the kind of drama Broadway openings only elicit in movies.

Meantime, the first “Spider Man” commercial is up on YouTube. We can at last see a little of what’s been going on. More to come, of course, later tonight.


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  1. It looks exciting. I saw my first Spiderman movie on cable last night and while I’m not a comic book aficionado and like the comic book movies, I wasn’t “excited” by the movie. I don’t know which one it was, it had James Franco and Alfred Molina. But it was a dumb down movie simply made for the teens and kids. I hope the play is more “mature” for adults.

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