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I know it’s hard converting from a trade magazine to a hybrid whatever.

But maybe The Hollywood Reporter could try and get its music coverage together a little.

In this week’s ‘big think piece’ about “American Idol” they managed to forget entirely Jennifer Hudson. Remember Jennifer, boys? She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in “Dreamgirls.” It was only a couple of years ago. She’s also had a hit album and two hit singles. She’s also starred in “The Secret Life of Bees” and just finished starring in “Winnie Mandela” with Terrence Howard. Hudson has a new album scheduled for early next year with songs by Alicia Keys included.

Hudson finished seventh in “American Idol” during season 3, 2004. Fantasia Barrino won the competition. But Hudson is now arguably the biggest star to come out of “AI,” eclipsing even Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

If only The Hollywood Reporter had remembered her!

PS THR: Sony moved on to Simon Cowell’s “X Factor,” which makes sense: it’s the next big thing. Universal will have to do a lot to revive “American Idol,” although it’s quite likely that their very own L.A. Reid will head there as a judge or mentor.

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  1. Fantasia is better than Jennifer but Jennifer has been more sucessful. Fantasia is a powerhouse and most American Idol Alums can’t touch her. My favorite American Idols, top 3 are first, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson!

  2. I agree with most of what jrsells says. Fantasia is amazing and extremely underrated, especially by the less urban audiences..I just went to see her at her Back to Me tour in California, and bought another ticket for me and my husband to go in Texas. That by far was the best concert i have been to in a long time, she is so Raw and vocally insane, and i personally think that vocally many industry hitters can’t touch her on the stage.. If you haven’t seen the show, GO AND GET A TICKET… my husband slept on her and didn’t like her.. now he is in awe and loves Fantasia…(hater) lol..Anyhow Jhud is simply amazing, loved Kelly Clarkson, but she was dumb to have a public fued with Clive Davis..that is why we don’t hear much of her these days.. Last but not least Carrie is over-rated :)

  3. First of all, i did notice that they left out all the black performers.. that shit is sad being that most of them made the show what it was. While I agree with you about Jennifer Hudson, its drastic to say she deserved to win American Idol that year. Jennifer Hudson is talented but definitely not a better talent then Fantasia Barrino.. As a singer Fantasia is better, as a live performer Fantasia is better.. we can’t say much about the acting because Jennifer got lucky by landing the right part. Sure Fantasia has been going through alot in her personal life. But as an Artist and talent.She is better than Jhud, she deserved to win, and she is one of the BEST performers out there!!! When Fantasia gets the right part, she will shine.. She has already won critical acclaim and awards on broadway.. She is totally underrated..sadly

  4. Hollywood Reporter is a rag and I love Jennifer, but to say she has eclipsed Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson is simply not factual in terms of money, recognition, critical acclaim, vocal prowess and so on. JHud was lucky to get the right part in the right movie and took the spotlight from Beyonce in Dream Girls. But, it would also be hyperbole to say she eclipsed Beyonce. Get real!

  5. First off, Jennifer Hudson is unforgetable. Maybe it is true what all the other black stars have been saying about Hollywood for years. However doing that segment American Idol were showcasing a few of the winners. They did not showcase any black winners since you mention this, but we all know Jennifer Hudson was the real winner of that year.

  6. I think you’re dissing the new THR a bit much, I really love the new format. But you are right about the Idol article…and they also forgot Clay Aiken, who’s had his share of modest success over the years as well…the Claymates will be very cross…heh heh heh…

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