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Keith Urban has a new album out, the excellent–if too short–“Get Closer.”

And he dedicates it, of course, to his wife, Nicole Kidman.

Keith writes:

“Nicole Mary–i continue to be brought to my knees by this love of ours…I am in awe of how this blessed family we are creating stretches and fearlessly opens my vulnerable heart…and I just want to be a better man, for you, and father for our heavenly Sunday Rose, and have you go to sleep every night knowing that no one has ever, or will ever, love you as much I do…and all we need is faith…”

Urban has always been pitched as a country singer. Of course he and his blessed family are based in Nashville. But after listening to “Get Closer,” I’d say he’s really more in the vein of the Eagles or Southern California country. On “Get Closer” he reminds me more of Dan Fogelberg than Johnny Cash. The songs are tremendously catchy country rock. My only concern is there are only eight of them. Four more would have been perfect. But we’ll have to take what we can get.

On the other hand, “Get Closer” has no filler. Urban doesn’t write all the songs, which is nice; a few of them are from Nashville songwriters (which must make the local publishers very happy). He wrote “Long Hot Summer” with Richard Marx, and a few others with his partner, Darrell Brown. I also really liked a non-Urban number called “Without You,” which could cross over to pop radio. (Think out of the box, guys.) All the songs are full of characters and conversation, just like a movie (hey Nicole).  Well done.

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  1. Well you should have bought the deluxe edition at Target and you would have had 15 songs. 3 bonus plus 4 live. This CD is absolutely Keith Urban’s best work yet. The vocals are simply amazing and the guitar riffs can’t get any better. This CD is worth having in your collection.

  2. Nice review. Each album is a little different from previous ones. This one seem much different..LOVE IT. I still can’t pick a favorite. Keith is such an excellent musician and vocalist, he deserves more credit than he receives. Thanks again for the review.

  3. A fuller version of this fantastic CD is available at Target… Keith has a “deluxe version” like Taylor Swift just offered, after they both performed for Target’s National Sales Conference this past summer. Through a deal with Target for exclusive rights to three more original songs, as well as four ‘live’ songs from his Love, Pain tour, Keith shares 15 songs from the Target version! Keith’s voice is sounding incredible on this new record, and his musical skills simply shine. Keith has a way of taking his listener along on his ‘life journey’ as hardly any other singer is able to do. What a truly gifted musician and entertainer!

  4. LOVE the CD! It’s a must buy. If eight songs is too few for you go to Target and get the deluxe version. You get four live songs and three more new ones. Enjoy! I sure am!

  5. This is a magnificent collection of songs, just everyone a song that stands on it’s own and is amazing! It is short BUT for just a few more dollars you can go to Target and get the Deluxe CD that has three more beautiful songs and 4 (count them) 4 live performance songs! These are a wonderful addition and gives you an idea of the incredible, amazing entertainer Keith Urban is!

  6. I agree this is a very well done album. All 8 of the tracks on the standard version you reviewed are unique and wonderful. If you want more songs, just go to Target and get the Deluxe version for 3 more original songs and 4 live tracks to make a 15 song album. It is well worth the trip. From the initial 8, my favorite after listening to the whole thing about 25 times or so is Georgia Woods. This rocker is absolutely beautiful. The lyrics are wonderful and the guitar, wow – the guitar, simply amazing. Although my favorite keeps changing. I keep thinking that I want to listen to the one just finished again, but then the next one starts and I’m caught up in that one. This is the absolute best album he’s done. The dark, moody, ballad on the deluxe version called The Luxury of Knowing is absolutely perfect – it just leaves me stunned every time I hear it. Go get this album. I’ve been listening every available minute since I got it the day it came out – just can’t stop.

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