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CBS has officially canceled “Medium,” starring Patricia Arquette.

We told you this on October 28th. Or rather, Arquette herself told us she already knew about. Hello!


And that’s the way it goes. Arquette will go back to films, and has loads of other options for the future. Co-star Jake Weber got a little pr push of his own last spring when it turned out he was the real life 8 year old in the documentary about the Rolling Stones from 1972’s “Exile on Main Street.”

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  1. My wife and I have been addicted to Medium. It was wonderfully acted, with particularly impressive performances by the oldest daughter, but really stood out for its writing. The scripts defied expectations and had story lines that were clever, consistent with the characters, and while never predictable always came together in the end.

    We will miss this show. We look forward to seeing these actors in other roles and really hope that these very intelligent writers will be given another chance soon.

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