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Backstage, the theatrical publication, reports today that six Hollywood casting directors received death threats on November 7th.

It’s unclear whether the death threats have any connection at all to the murder early Tuesday morning in Beverly Hills of beloved publicist Ronni Chasen.

The report says that five casting directors, all at studios, received the death threats by phone. Their union rep was immediately notified, and he put out a industry wide notice immediately asking for any other instances. A sixth casting director reported a similar threat. The local police were informed immediately.

Memorials for Chasen are being organized right now. One occurred last night at the Four Seasons hotel in West Hollywood. Another is being planned for tonight in New York.

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  1. Well, this would certainly make a good Agatha Christy novel….just joking; but this is sad. Evidently, someone who thought they should be a star was refused the honor. I’m sure the police are searching all computers and cell phone logs.

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