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Call it the biggest non event of the week.

After billing its big Beatle announcement as a huge event, Apple blew it. Missing their 10am deadline by seven minutes, the faux Applers (the Beatles had Apple first, y’know) just put up a picture of the group and a display of the albums.

Not even music playing in the background: baby you’re a rich man, too.

Someone should tell the copywriters for ITunes that under “Influencers” (is that a word?), they are missing the songwriting team the Beatles admired most. When Lennon and McCartney came here, they said they wanted to be like Carole King and Gerry Goffin.

Under “Followers” they’re missing Aimee Mann, Todd Rundgren, XTC, Squeeze and Klaatu. At the very least. It would also be nice to have links out to Billy Preston, the Fifth Beatle and only artist to be credited on a Beatles record. And maybe a link to Badfinger and the new Apple Records remasters.

Also, ironically, you can find more and better information just posted on www.beatles.com including news of a special video just made available from the group’s 1964 show at the Washington Coliseum. No mention of it on the ITunes page. And that just means that Jeff Jones of the Beatles’ Apple was better prepared than Steve Jobs’s Apple.

UPDATE: For some reason, you can get a lot more info on www.apple.com. It’s just going to www.itunes.com where little is posted. Weird.

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