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Big announcement today: Rose Hemingway will play Rosemary in the “How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.” This is the musical revival starring Daniel Radcliffe, better known to all of us as Harry Potter. I told you this, though, on April 26th. When I met Rose last spring her last name was Sezniak, but she was planning on a summer wedding to a young man who is not related to Ernest Hemingway. I just noticed that Broadway World.com picked up that scoop four days later without bothering to credit this column. I guess they were trying to succeed in business without really trying…

Anyway, the good news is that “How to Succeed” has announced the rest of its cast, including the great Tammy Blanchard and John Laroquette…

The Times reported the Rose Hemingway story today, too, not noticing the above link in its research. But that’s ok. On Friday, the Times “reported” that Paul Simon was moving his entire catalog from Warner Music back to Sony. Uh huh. I reported that on June 1st. If the Times writer had done a little more checking he’d know the new Paul Simon album is titled “So Beautiful or So What.” They’d have known that if they’d read this column on November 1st. Simon announced the title in the previous week’s New York Times Book Review.


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