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Dear TMZ:

You’re so good at following celebrities around with little cameras. Go back to what you do best.

But when it comes to the Jackson family and Howard Mann: no no no. It was only last week that you got snookered into thinking a Michael Jackson track you posted was “new.” It was 32 years old!

Now you’re telling the story of Katherine Jackson’s “Secret contract.” Unfortunately, that story has already been written–by us, last June. Here’s the link:


Here’s another scoop for you, TMZ. There’s going to be a really big Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center this year. Get right on it!

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  1. “The overriding theory: that Joe Jackson–who has no income and has tried to get an allowance of his own from the estate without success–is prevailing upon his much beleaguered wife for funds. He lives in Las Vegas, for example; Mrs. Jackson does not.”

    This was posted last June. To this day, I still believe this Theory.

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