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Michael Jackson‘s new album, “Michael,” features rapper 50 Cent on one track called “Monster” produced by Teddy Riley and written by Eddie Cascio.

The track listing for “Michael” is as follows:
1.           Hold My Hand (Duet with Akon)
2.           Hollywood Tonight
3.           Keep Your Head Up
4.           (I Like) The Way You Love Me
5.           Monster (Featuring 50 Cent)
6.           Best Of Joy
7.           Breaking News
8.           (I Can’t Make It) Another Day (Featuring Lenny Kravitz)
9.           Behind The Mask
10.        Much Too Soon

As I reported exclusively, “Hold My Hand” will be released on Monday, November 15th as the official first single. The album comes on December 14th. All the tracks are “assembled” since Michael could not participate himself. But they’re no different than the Beatles tracks “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love” which were issued some 25 years after the group disbanded and John Lennon had died.

The producers on the album include Neff-U, Akon, Tricky Stewart, and Teddy Riley.

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  1. out of the leaks so far…BREAKING NEWS and KEEP YOUR HEAD UP HIGH is NOT MJ and the family is right about the inclusion of fake MJ tracks. If you have been listening to MJ for the last 25 years a million times to his songs over and over and knows how his voiced has changed over the years and any one with good ears can say which one is fake and which one is not. MJ doesnt need good studio mixing to sound like the way he does..I can identify MJ’s voice even from the old poorly tape recorded demos. He was born with a voice and he has been recording since he was 10 years old. He doesnt need a vocal coach or good studio mixing to sound real. The fakes are fakes because they are FAKES! Adding a bit of trademark MJ vocals here and there to fake tracks might fool (some) of the new generation of MJ fans but not the old school people like us. From what I have heard so far.Hold my hand, Another day, Hollywood tonight,Much too soon,The way you love me are all 100% MJ without any doubt but the balance I am not sure.

  2. I can’t wait for this rap/hip-hop stuff to fade away. They PALE in comparison to true artists and singers like Michael. Their best use is as a mid-song change of pace ala Vincent Price. As far as this album goes, they are cashing in as anyone would. One can only hope the majority of the profits go to the kids.

  3. 1) Relax people …the new $240 million MJ contract with Sony /ATV calls for 10 projects in 7 years. All the stuff listed here by others as “missing” from new album will eventually show up. BTW: MJ owns half of this company so its like he loaned himself $240 million.This with other earnings helped refinance the ridiculous loan from Capital Credit and saved Neverland. Convenient huh?

    2)regarding propofol……it makes you UNCONSCIOUS which is not the same thing as ASLEEP. You never reach REM sleep so how exactly could it be used to help MJ get enough rest? Ever notice how post surgery people sleep alot? Its because they were NOT ALSEEP WHEN THEY HAD THE SURGERY.Conveniently, it is a non-controlled substance so its not illegal to have,take or administer. Need I say more? He is the GREATEST SHOWMAN.

  4. Just heard Keep Your Head Up. Lovely melody. However, whoever produced it -is a JOKE. They have included Earth Song ad libs in the background. How is that following what MJ would have wanted. Clearly, they haven’t got the material. What’s happened to Rodney Jerkins’ tracks? No doubt, they’ll be part of an INVINCIBLE reissue. It’s getting annoying. DON”T TAMPER WITH HIS OLD SONGS!

  5. Roger and others – just realised Behind The Mask was written for Thriller – and was given to Greg Phillanganes (saw him last night performing with Herbie Hancock=MASTERCLASS), who recorded it. Figure, the estate thought the title links well with people’s conception of MJ. Reckon people should just enjoy what’s been put out. Hold My Hand is a good song – yes we’ve heard it – but I agree with Roger – to the masses, it will be fresh to them. And, don’t forget – SONY want it to sell – and AKON is BIG in all corners of the world.

  6. Also, Another Day and Hold My Hand are different versions then ones on your i-pod. Another Day has been re-mastered, polished up, plus you’ll hear the full version on the album (not the 1 minute snippet replayed over and over)

    Hold My Hand 2008 was a demo and was not complete. The new version has more MJ vocals and has been completely overhauled. You’ll love it. So in a sense, even the hardcore MJ fans will get something new with these two tracks.

  7. 2 questions : Is “Hollywood Tonight” the same thing as “Burn Tonight”, aka a Cascio song?

    Is “The Way You Love Me” the exact same track as the one that was officially released on the “Ultimate Collection” box set?

  8. “Water” is being held for a second collection.
    Just a word about these leaked tracks–you (and some other writers here) are super-fans. But the general public doesn’t have leaked tracks etc. So for them–and they number millions–the Akon and Lenny Kravitz tracks will be new and exciting. For super fans, you were always “in the know” on these things.

  9. Michael IS singing Breaking News and it’s a great song; the rhythm is fantastic. I replayed the song THREE times and bopped my head to it. I know a song-writer and he told me that wanting to replay a song is proof that it’s a hit. Michael’s voice deepened as he got older – a totally natural occurrence. Compare “Breaking News” to his vocals in “Whatever Happens” from his Invincible album.

    It seems that many of his so-called “fans” only want the Michael Jackson of Thriller, Dangerous, and perhaps History. Gee, and people wonder why he was so anxious about the “This is it” tour that he couldn’t sleep. He was probably worried that his voice was no longer good enough because he didn’t sound like a teenager anymore. You can hear that his pitch is lower when he sings “The Way You Make Me Feel” in the “This is it” rehearsal; his voice has a fuller bodied texture to it, and it’s still beautiful.

    I’ve nicknamed some of Michael’s fans as “Joseph Jackson Lite”: if his performance isn’t PERFECT, it’s as good as sh*t and they want no part of it.

    Michael’s perfectionism paralyzed him; that’s why he released so few albums once he was given creative control over his recordings and was no longer under Sony’s timetable. Perfectionists struggle to finish everything because they’re never satisfied with their work. Michael’s fans have grown so accustomed to his painfully high standards that they reject anything that’s less than perfect from him; and that’s what cost him his life. He wanted to get enough sleep so that he could rehearse perfectly and perform accordingly.

    I’m sure that the producers had to fill in some of the vocals because Michael always overdubbed and harmonized with his own voice. He rarely used back-up singers. Rejecting this album hurts his Estate and ultimately his children.

    Why are so many “fans” obsessed with Sony? He worked under that label as recently as 2007 and they helped secure his debt to keep him out of bankruptcy. His main conflict was with Tommy Mattola who was fired by Sony years ago. He was going to have to sell the ATV catalogue anyway; he could never work enough to raise 500 million dollars. His enemies didn’t want him dead, they wanted him broke. His premature death is a setback for them because his finances have improved and sleazebags can’t easily suck him dry.

    Please support this album – it benefits Sony AND his CHILDREN!!!!

  10. And just like the Beatles, we will get album after album of unreleased recordings, sound checks, rough cuts of unfinished songs, and remixes of previously-released music for decades to comes. Anything to ride the wave off of the King of Pop.

  11. Looking forward to it!! (Not necessarily the 50 cent part though.) People are just going to have to realize and accept that it’s never going to be the same. Michael’s gone, so he can’t put his special finishing touches on it (unfortunately), so we will be hearing something a bit different… but it’s still Michael.

  12. So out of 10 tracks, 1 of them (The Way You Love Me) is a re-release, 3 of them (Monster, Keep Your Head Up and Breaking News) are fakes, and 2 of them (Hold My Hand and Another Day) have been on my iPod since 2008.

    Not to mention, I’ve seen the full album cover and to include images of his children from the funeral is just tacky.

  13. what a pity that only 10 songs.
    on the other hand, I CANT BELIEVE THAT MJ Estate and Sony dont have more great tracks from OtW, Thriller, BAD, Dangerous, HIStory and Invincible recording sessions to release them!!!!…, simply I dont believe it!

    There are many, many remixed songs that sound even better than original ones…, so where is the problem to remix the older ones into the new fresh sound of 2010/2011 and with real MJs voice?????

    If Sony could release Ultimate Collection with several great unreleased songs like Streetwalker, the same they could do with the others…., and remix them… with MJs voice.

    Or there is some sort of … conspiracy…?

  14. I read that “Monster” and “Keep your head up” are probably the best tracks on this album…. also known as the “jersey tracks”

    I am in shock they put “Hold my hand”, “the way you love me” and “another day” on the album… these tracks have been leaked a looong time ago. Everybody knows those tracks. Whta is wrong with the estate.
    We deserve to hear new songs by Michael Jackson… not this old stuff….

    Why dont they just release all the Cascio/Porte tracks??? It is all unheard material and the fans want to hear it so bad. Despite the smear capmapign against “breaking news”, orchestrated by John McClain and 3T, the track has gotten mostly good reviews and fans are eagerly waiting to hear the real, perfectly mixed album version….. “Everybody wanting a piece of Michael Jackson”

    So give us the real deal, please!!!

  15. Oh wow roger, wheres the song ‘water’ you knew so much about and claimed was on the album. And the Lenny kravitz penned song ‘Another Day’ has been knocking about for ages and lenny said months and months ago that it would be on the new record.

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