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In our continuing series on the making of Michael Jackson‘s forthcoming “Michael” album:

Producers of the album–including co-executor John McClain–sent Burt Bacharach a song Michael recorded with Eddie Cascio called “All I Need.”

The legendary writer-producer went into the studio and added strings, etc. to the track. But it didn’t sound right, sources tell me, and was ultimately rejected. “All I Need,” in some form, may wind up on another album of unreleased Jackson songs. But it won’t be on “Michael.”

Also not on “Michael” is the Paul Anka song, “Love Never Felt So Good.” I guess the Jackson estate paid out enough money to Anka in the last year for writing “This Is It.”

The “Michael” album is not quite finalized, I’m told, but will have to be by Friday. Right now there are three “Cascio” tracks including “Breaking News.” Fans are complaining about “Breaking News” on the Jackson website because it doesn’t sound right to them. Folks, it really is Michael singing on that song. The finished version on the album may sound more like him. Part of the problem may have been in the uploading to the website.

“Breaking News” only streams through Sunday. On Monday, the first actual single is released–with Akon–called “Hold My Hand.”

I’ve heard a lot of the tracks, and I can tell you–they are by Michael. Michael’s nephew, Taryll Jackson, knows that, too. Despite his campaign to discredit the album, Taryll was around when the tracks were being put together. More will come out about this soon.

Conspiracy theories are fun, but buying into them is just going to cheat true Michael Jackson fans out of a great experience. “Michael” is shaping up to be a very solid project.

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  1. […] de los fakes hasta que no sepamos si es realmente un tema Cascio de los que quedan guardados Michael Jackson Producers Rejected Burt Bacharach Arrangement for New Song | Showbiz411 […]

  2. @Taka: it’s called SARCASM, did you actually take the Dr. Murray comment literally??? My point was that people are trashing his vocals because his voice changed since his Thriller days (everything he did was compared to Thriller). The tone of his voice became richer and lower as he got older. It was different but still wonderful.

    You don’t know what’s in my heart, so don’t assume that I’m a “fake fan”. Oh and by the way, Michael cursed too….

  3. Wow, I can’t believe how much people can fight about one person. I’ve listened extensively to MJ for 28 years, and the songs that I’ve heard on “Michael” are him IMO. I haven’t listened much to “Breaking News”, and sure there may have been some producing tricks to fill out the song in terms of background, etc. But Michael’s voice is an inimitable force of nature — he has always been able to use it as a chameleon for whatever the song’s mood needed, which is what always made him so great. High register, low register, smooth falsetto, rough growl, rock, R&B, gospel — MJ could do it all and then some. This Jason guy everyone’s talking about could never match that even to the point of arguing about who it is/isn’t.

    And as for “All I Need”, I’ve been listening to the Burt Bacharach arrangement over and over — it’s absolutely GORGEOUS with the piano, horn and choir. It should really be released. Michael’s vocals are so sweet, at points he sounds a bit like Janet.

    BTW, I love love love “Blue Gangsta” too…and “Hold My Hand” is a modern classic.

  4. “In a way, I’m happy that he isn’t alive to see his so-called “fans” reject his vocals like this.” I can’t believe to what extreme fake fans are posing as real fan! Please the article is about MJJ album and vocals regard the album, and not getting fight or cursing MJJ as Eve does here! I am very sorry that Michael Jackson passed away! But I am disgust by some people who suddenly are calling themselves fans and an expert about MJJ vocals. If you have doubts contact Seth Rigs, MJJ’s vocal coach! And Dr. Murray didn’t do to everyone a favor! Maybe to you Eve but not to ME! Don’t speak of what you don’t know and stop generalizing everything! Ignorance is a bliss for some hot headed fake fans, who suddenly have an urge to express their love for Michael Jackson! But you are failing at large!

  5. Jason Malachi’s voice is a lot thinner than Michael’s; his range is too limited for him to be singing this song. People just need to accept that his voice matured and deepened as he aged, the testosterone had to kick in at some point. Remember he was in his late 40s when he recorded this song, he didn’t sound like teenager anymore.

    In a way, I’m happy that he isn’t alive to see his so-called “fans” reject his vocals like this.

    This response is even worse that the “This is not it” campaign. Michael weighed 136 pounds when he died, weighed 120 pounds during his Thriller days, yet some “fans” keep insisting that he was too weak to perform. They wanted to see the same muscles bulging through his gold pants during his History tour, all the while disregarding how the extra muscle mass would affect his 50 year old joints. Because he couldn’t dance with the same vigor anymore, they feel that he should have stayed home to do NOTHING.

    He’s being treated like an old, useless horse. I guess that Dr. Murray did everyone a favor, including Michael, when he permanently put him to sleep given that Michael had outlived his usefulness as far as his “fans” are concerned.

  6. I think the voice is him. But when you have to hire someone else to “finish” the song I think that answers the question. If you use enough gadgetry you can make 100 words out of 5. Cut edit, edit cut, round and round until it sounds like it would make a good song. But, Michael Jackson was a perfectionist and it obviously isn’t perfect because it WASN’T finished. The Akon song would have wowed a lot more people right off the bat and it IS finished. At least the AKON song “hold my hand” is really great. It’s all over the internet. I think you can youtube it. I wonder what the point of releasing another “Leave Me Alone”, “Scream”, “Privacy” type song is? Why would that be their starting point? To me it just looks like Sony is going to do whatever it takes for Sony to finish ahead regardless of fans, Michael, anybody, anything. But they shouldn’t be finishing an MJ song. If it isn’t competed by MJ with 100% MJ it’s not really a Michael Jackson song then is it? Sony doesn’t care. Money talks and dead people don’t, so he can’t do anything about their sloppy music effort. Sony didn’t think he was a superstar when he was alive and they wouldn’t promote his last two cds and felt he was washed up but now I guess they do think he is a superstar after all. I guess they must, to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for his music. I love Michael Jackson’s music – but on this faded copy of glory – I am going to pass.

  7. As I said before, I think after the stringent investigative process Howard Weitzman has revealed took place before Sony signed off on ‘Michael’ — it looks like this album is the genuine article.

  8. I don’t care who says what, that doesn’t sound like Michael to me and I ain’t buying it. I’m not cheating myself, I’m not letting Sony cheat me!

  9. I don’t know what your hearing, but I’m hearing Bobby Ewing aka. James Porte on the lead vocal, and maybe Michael in the background. But especially the a capella in the first verse gives it away. And When not just his own family including his children, but also his producer and collaborator through the last 12 years, Rodney Jerkins, is saying something is seriously wrong with that “Breaking News” song, that they should leave it off “Michael”? There is not room for that kind of doubt.

    BTW. the lead single “Hold my Hand” is supposed to be a different version than the one that leaked. The leaked one was supposed to go on Akons “Freedom”, but was removed due to the leak. Another version have been mixed by Akon, according to himself on twitter, to fit on a Michael Jackson album

  10. U damm ass people u critizing one track …U never even heard of the other tracks and u judge the album already??shame on u….michael’s new tracks since the thriller 25th anniversary 2008 released have back up singers..He never really sings the whole tracks.. since invincible…always with other another artist..u can hear his voice at d last verse of the song breaking news..it might be heavily mixed…to give a new voice or he is working with another artist written by him..pls check it out..if 2000 watts have been released now…u will criticised that is not michael….because u know he is dead..but in reality its him..wait..till u listens to d whole album then u judge.Remember ,the autopsy report says he has an inflammed lungs.He gives his best in this is it,eventhough he is only warming up..his voice was amazing…MJ fans,,michaels familys stake is in ur hands..also its on michael future at stake..remember.he is bankrupt before he died..because of u fans..michaels is quite happy in heaven ,hes financial burden is slowly settling down..y this commotion on one song??wake up!!!!!

  11. Let´s put the voice and the strange english accent on side. WHAT ABOUT THE SONG ITSELF? This is not the way Michael would have ever put a song together. The bridge is just so horrible! The music is so badly edited. This is a rush-rush krix-krax, and not the quality we FANS are used to. This ain´t something Michael wanted us to hear. Do not buy the album fellows! But if you do, upload it online quickly so nobody else will do so!

  12. Charles Thomson seems to be using this controversy to continue his hating on Michael Jackson. It’s the fans who are concerned about this travesty that Sony is trying to perpetrate. If one is not a fan of Michael Jackson, and Mr. Thomson isn’t, there is no need to comment. Please stop pretending that you care.

  13. The demo version of ‘Breaking News’ streaming this week at mj.com is NOT the final version that will appear on the ‘Michael’ CD. Rest assured MJ’s genuine lead vocals will be the on this project and no one elses.

    Roger thanks for clearing up the confusion.

  14. Just listened to this track like 10 times, the version on the site as of now, 11/9/2010. I am 34 years old and have been a fan since I was like 4. This is definitely Michael on the track. If you say otherwise, you aren’t really listening.

  15. dam mike would have LOVED to work with burt bacharach…he was one of his faves…to bad they gave him a cascio accapella so it aint really mj….this is sad….we nevered belived thefamily….what dont u understand rf???when we heard the record we were all eating crow….its not mike….teddy is paid off why dont you see that??

  16. Tara, you hit the nail right on the head.

    I honestly do not know how any fan who has listened to Michael’s AUTHENTIC music exhaustively can with a straight face say the voice on “Breaking News” is his. I don’t even buy the argument that he sings on part of it. Where? Buried in the background vocals?

    You’re half-right to call this a conspiracy theory, Roger. Except if anything it’s actually a failed conspiracy on the part of somebody, or several parties — the record company, estate, Cascios, who knows who — to sneak a Michael Jackson impersonator into a song under the radar and try to dupe fans. Sorry, but those of us who’ve, like I said, spent hours and hours over the years listening to the real Michael Jackson’s music, THIS is a sham.

  17. I am skeptical about an announcement that makes sure to guide us into steering clear of conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, in this day and age of deception – conspiracies are becoming more and more clear. The best conspiracy ever is that it is so clear we don’t even know it is one. With that said. Yes – I believe that there are some aspects of Michael singing on that track. It isn’t very good and truly who was the goof that released that. Rather than ragging on Michael’s nephews – to try to create separation from fans and family – how about questioning why that song was released in the manner it was. It is not at all to the level and standard Michael Jackson would have wanted. I will not support a project that is working so hard to discredit Michael’s family and put out music that isn’t at the level Michael would have wanted.

  18. “The finished version on the album may sound more like him. Part of the problem may have been in the uploading to the website.”

    Mr. Roger Friedman – WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING?! Uploading embedded audio/video on to a web site DOES NOT have anything to do with that. I can upload “Billie Jean” to YouTube or wherever, and it’ll sound like MJ, as it does on my iPod, as it does on the LP vinyl, as it does on my official CD.

    It could sound like MJ on the actual CD? So what, you know something we don’t? Stop giving us hints and do your job and REPORT straight out, the facts what’s going on – are they going to re-mix the track by friday? LOL

    *gets some popcorn*

  19. Sad part on this slbum is that Michael didn’t want to work with $ony again, he left the label YEARS ago and wanted to save those unreleased songs to his children. No conspiracy theories here, just facts.

  20. Mr Roger Friedman I have been a Michael Jackson since 1983 and the only part of Breaking News is Michael Jackson is some section of the chorus..
    They should have disclosed and label it as : Jason Malachi featuring Michael Jackson-
    If SONY did this from the beginning then it would have been a different story.
    The lead singer and the background vocals are NOT the same.
    I have several “acapella” recordings from Mr. Jackson and the leading singing does NOT match Mr. Jackson vocals.
    Sony is gambling with this “unknown singer” and holding true unreleased Michael Jackson Material for ransom..Michael was 1000% right about them in 2001. I should have listen to him..he was so right. Sony has shown there true colors and NOW they have been exposed!!

  21. It is neither fair nor accurate to claim that most of what Friedman has written about the album is wrong. He knew titles of tracks that’d be included on the album more than six months before the album was even announced.

    He was also the first person to write about the huge fight going on between the family and Sony, and their allegations about fake vocals. If Friedman’s source was somebody at Sony, and he was just doing their bidding, why would they want that information put into the public arena?

    The fact is, nobody has heard a substantial Michael Jackson vocal since 2001. Some fans may cite Hold My Hand, but to my mind that is not a substantial vocal. It sounds like MJ phoned it in while he was getting dressed to go shopping. In terms of the whispery vocals or the passionate vocals, we’ve heard nothing since 2001 and even back then there are a lot of fans who thought he didn’t really sound like MJ anymore.

    There’ve been various reports that MJ experienced vocal difficulties post-Invincible. I’ve been told it by a senior member of MJ’s camp in 2003 and the Prince of Bahrain made the same claim in court about MJ’s unreleased charity single, saying he had footage to prove it. MJ’s new vocals on Wanna Be Startin Somethin 2008 sounded really strained and there has to be a reason why around 75% of This Is It was dubbed with old vocals and they refuse to give us any new performance footage.

    In summary – how do we know what Michael Jackson sounded like 2007-2009? Live vocals in This Is It are scarce and most of the live vocals we do hear aren’t great. Human Nature is the only real exception. The leaked clip of MJ performing The Way You Make Me Feel, recorded by fans outside rehearsals, also showed his vocals to be really hoarse and strained.

    I’m reserving judgement until I see proof that the vocal on Breaking News is real or proof that the vocal is fake. Roger said on his twitter page yesterday that there was ‘plenty of proof’ that the vocal was real and to watch the column for more info.

    I’m watching.

  22. I’ve cancelled my pre-order! Sony needs to remove Breaking News from the album and any other questionable songs on there otherwise they will have a serious problem.

  23. Roger like usual, you have absolutley no idea what you are talking about. 99.9% of Michael’s fans know there’s someone else singing on Breaking News with Michael, OVER his voice. Producers and arrangers who have worked with Michael in the past and celebrity fans who have no dog in this fight have all said it’s not Michael. You can write us off as fans who don’t know what we are talking about but we have been listening to that man’s voice for years. We’ve heard the finished products and we’ve also heard leaked demos that weren’t finished and had no question it was Michael. I don’t know who that is singing on Breaking News but it’s not Michael Jackson. He’s singing on some of it but not all. And for Sony or the Cascios to think they could hire an impersonator to “fill in the blanks” and think the fans wouldn’t notice is laughable. They better pull the song otherwise they will be in deep crap when it hits the fan. And it will. You might want to tell your friends at Sony that fans have begun to cancel their pre-orders of the album. We will not support this project.

  24. “The finished version on the album may sound more like him. Part of the problem may have been in the uploading to the website.”

    is that a joke?

  25. Roger, you said on twitter yesterday that there was ‘plenty of proof’ that the vocal on Breaking News was Michael Jackson’s and that we should watch your column because you were going to write an entry about it.

    I’ve been watching the column for almost 24 hours now. Is the aforementioned entry imminent?

  26. I’m fed up with all the fanatics and the family saying it’s not MJ singing. I’m afraid they destroy this album. They must accept he could sing in a lower range. Everybody listen to the fantastic acapella version! And I like the song.
    Thanks Roger for covering all this.

  27. Thanks for the info Roger! It’s a real shame the way Breaking News is being interpreted by so many fans. So much doubt and controversy. The seed of doubt was planted by a few family members, and now look at the mess. I’m looking forward to hearing more about Taryll’s discrediting campaign. I’m just left scratching my head why he is broadcasting to the world his beef with all this… when it could have been done privately behind doors. It’s just a real shame, because it’s only hurting Michael’s reputation. Looking forward to Hold My Hand!

  28. I’ve listened to the new song ‘Breaking News’… I’ve been a fan for many years and I believe can tell MJ’s voice.. Even the accent in parts of the song doesn’t sound like MJ(especially the beginning of the song). Now don’t get me wrong, parts of the song do sound like MJ and as much as I’d like to believe that the rest is MJ, it just doesn’t sound like him.

    Hopefully it was an error with the track and the version on the album will sound more like him.

  29. “Conspiracy theories are fun, but buying into them is just going to cheat true Michael Jackson fans out of a great experience.”
    Roger, how can you said that when almost every MJ fans on the net doesnt like it??? even Producer Rodney Jerkin say he doesnt reconize MJ.

    Maybe Taryll was around when MJ recorded those Cascio songs, yes, but somethin obviously happenned to those tracks since!

  30. Roger, a lot of what you’ve said is not true.

    I don’t know whether you’re working WITH the Cascio family or something, but it’s obvious to me and thousands of other MJ fans that MJ is NOT sinigng on Breaking News. It’s obvious to MJ’s family. It’s obvious to his friends and previous producers. It’s also obvious to Sony. Bet your bottom dollar that Breaking New and ALL the Cascio tracks will be REMOVED from the album. And I am not being dramatic, I am being 110% straight with you.


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