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Here’s the new Michael Jackson single, “Breaking News,” written by Michael Jackson (lyrics only), Eddie Cascio and James Porte (aka Bobby Ewing). Yes, it’s Michael singing about himself. It’s a song they wrote in the Cascio home studio together in August 2007. Eddie’s brother, Frank, was Michael’s long time friend, confidante, and protege. It was his work with Bobby Ewing that brought Michael into the studio.

“Who is that boogeyman you’re thinking of?”– the song is tailored for Michael, and addresses all the gossip that was leveled at him, the accusations, etc.

“Why is it strange that I would fall in love?” Michael sings. Is he referring to Lisa Marie Presley, Debbie Rowe, or someone else? Anyway, the production by Teddy Riley, is terrific, giving Michael a modern sound and horns. And, yes, that’s him singing. There is only one Michael Jackson.

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  1. Hi Roger,

    Finally someone with some sense. Of course the vocals are Michael’s. It sounds like Michael, and Sony wouldn’t risk releasing it if there was any doubt.



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  4. OH my god!!!!
    is the entire jackson family on the posts!!!!!!!
    realy?very realy opinion?
    i think not,because i listen michael jackson every day in my house,the vocals in the song,in the new song,are dificult to know,realy!michael was a good time without singing, maybe his voice is more smooth,change.but,sincerity is never enough, it seems the voice of Jason Malachi.i don’t agree the new albun because michael don’t like this musics.
    I do not agree with the new album because he did not like these songs, he dismissed them, for me this album is only for sony to make money which is very unfair, Michael would not like this initiative, but the sony does not care! to it does not matter!
    this is the worst sin of man: greed!

  5. Guys in my opinion it is def MJ but theres something more important to discuss to get fans pulling in smae direction again.

    *This is a serious breach by the media and timing is critcial here*

    Something outrageous happened this morning on November 9, 2010 on British Television that needs to be addressed. It is a very clear case of an abuse of Michael’s memory and use of media to do that. Forwarded below is the substance of the issue.

    At 10:35 am on November 9, 2010 on ITV This Morning, a breakfast show programme, media commentator and ex-editor of The Sun newspaper — Kelvin MacKenzie — basically accused Michael Jackson of being a child abuser, mocked his parental link to his children, and essentially said Michael’s children and other children were better off now that he is dead.


    After they showed a clip of Paris saying MJ was a great father and saying they used to go to Art galleries together and play tag in the garden,

    Kelvin McKenzie said:

    ” well it’s nice of her to say that about her dead father but I have a much more significant question about how and why some of those children were born, and under what circumstances and whether in the end he would have turned out to be a great father. Certainly there are aspects of him that your audience would raise their eyebrows at. In fact the death of Michael Jackson may well have saved some children from a lifetime of being mentally corrupted. ”

    Philip Schofield (the presenter with Kelvin) then said: ” we don’t know that though. ”

    Kelvin Mackenzie: ” No, but at the same time he has faced a number of charges and allegations and I feel the children are better off now he has died. ”

    Philip Schofield: ” I am sure they would disagree with you’

    * End of transcript*

    Mr MacKenzie made his comments in response to the airing of Oprah Winfrey’s programme with Mr Jackson’s parents and his surviving children on November 8, 2010.

    ITV this morning is a breakfast show like Good Morning America, there to provide news and magazine style items — not disseminate unproven, seriously accusatory monologues about a dead man to an entire country while they eat their breakfast cereal.

    Below are the contact details, both telephone number and email. Obviously it important every single legacy member gets on this. It is also important if they are not resident in the UK, that they do not mention that – or they will not have complainant status.


  6. Mr Roger Friedman I have been a Michael Jackson since 1983 and the only part of Breaking News is Michael Jackson is some section of the chorus..
    They should have disclosed and label it as : Jason Malachi featuring Michael Jackson-
    If SONY did this from the beginning then it would have been a different story.
    The lead singer and the background vocals are NOT the same.
    I have several “acapella” recordings from Mr. Jackson and the leading singing does NOT match Mr. Jackson vocals.
    Sony is gambling with this “unknown singer” and holding true unreleased Michael Jackson Material for ransom..Michael was 1000% right about them in 2001. I should have listen to him..he was so right. Sony has shown there true colors and NOW they have been exposed!!

  7. TwoBirds, its got nothing to do with the depth of the voice, we’ve all heard MJ sing with his low notes b4..it’s all in the tone, the forcefulness and diction of the vocal on breaking news..MJ doesn’t sound like that!

  8. There are some sad people here.

    As a long time fan of Michael’s, it’s is his vocals, there are words he sang that if you knew Michael’s voice you would detect, it’s a little lisps in some words and he speaks (spoke) in that manner.

    Michael’s vocal coach, Seth Riggs gave a interview once to Rolling Stone magazine and stated that Michael can sing the high C notes that great tenors have as well as sing the lows of a bass singer.

    If you listen to the Superbowl performance when he started talking about “No child should ever suffer”, you heard the deep voice of Michael. The deep voice that only close friends spoke about.

    Everyone expects Michael to sing and talk in a high tenor voice and that is what people wanted and he gave it to them.

    Why on earth would Sony or Teddy or anyone else try to do something as dumb and as wild as some of you all wrote here along with those that have nothing better to do than stir the pot?

    I believe it’s all about John McClain and certain faimily memebers who have come out from the dark, because their version didn’t get selected for the CD, and believe it or now we now have two of the 3 T’s writing about it, verifying Roger’s story with their own little twits.

    Yes, they are destroying Michael’s legacay more than they realize. They are by no means ensuring Michael’s legacy for his children, it’s all about what they want out of all this. Exactly what do they want?

    Teddy gave a interview sometime yesterday about all this and it was the family that asked him to work on the CD, now they want to destroy what he created? What gives with that?

    What was the last thing that John McClain produced that makes anyone, especially a Michael Jackson fan say, wow, that’s John McClain’s work, I know it anywhere. Oh, wait… This is it! That’s the song – that a John McClain song. He is no Qincy Jones nor a Teddy Riley, who has worked on the last 4 CD’s of Michael’s.

  9. Roger do you have any video proof or early demos of this track that could sway the skeptical fans?
    If you’re 100% certain it’s him, then please could you provide us with the proof.

  10. This isn’t the first time he wrote a song about himself. Remember, he wrote a song about himself in 1988, called “Just Leave Me Alone.” Yet, the video, about his life, gave an indication as why the world could not leave him alone.

  11. Michael Joe Jackson, I miss you and I love you with all of my heart and I will never stop loving you.You and your brothers music helped me get through life. J5,Michael,forever. Thank you for the music.

  12. This is not MJ. MJ. I miss you to death and love you. I will not buy this album. No real MJ fan in his or right mind would buy this. God bless the Jackson family and Michael’s beautiful children

  13. it is truly not Michael and here some things to point out:

    Lyrically (“he wanna write my obituary”) the lyric is in “Tabloid Junkie” and “D.S.” Those tunes were on 1995’s HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I

    There’s certainly lots of cutting and pasting here: Jackson’s floating trademark “hee hees” are out of sync with the lower, burnished choruses.

    These were, after all, the unreleased songs of an perfectionist whom Quincy Jones remembers responding to the initial mixes of 1982’s mega-smash Thriller with tears and threats to shelve the album

    And at the height of a narcissism that never defined his best work, the singer keeps saying his own name – “Everybody wanting a piece of Michael Jackson/The artists stalking the moves of Michael Jackson.”

    the track Breaking News recalls 1991’s Teddy Riley-produced Dangerous and specific percussive elements and horn lines of “Remember the Time” and “Jam.”

  14. C’mon people! Can’t you see this is an internet campaign with hired people to stalk internet blogs all day to discount that this is Michael Jackson?!


    Everyone on here who is discounting it is him is either being paid, is a troll or is not a fan of MJ.

  15. I have logged at least 20,000 hours listening to Michael’s voice and that is, heartbreakingly, not him. He doesn’t even pronounce his OWN NAME authentically. They dropped in a couple shouts at the beginning and the end, but the scratchy vocal parts aren’t him, the vibrato is too tight, the Indiana accent is decidedly gone. It sounds like an O-Town song. Teddy Riley just tweeted directly to me that he only had the master track, not the a capellas, and that he never produced the vocal track. Only offered to come in FOR FREE and help at the end as a favor to MJ.

  16. I don’t think it’s his voice either, but can someone tell me why Sony would release a non MJ song when they have actual songs that are MJ? If hold my hand is next to be released, why go through all this bother, when they can release hold my hand instead?

    I’m just curious

  17. Hi you all,

    I hope you like my new single. I really sound like MJ, don’t I ?

    Thanks Sony for this opportunity. It’s a dream come true for me.



  18. That 100% is not Michael Jackson. They’ve sampled some of his sounds like the “stop” from Scream but it’s not him. I thought Roger would know better than anyone. it’s 10000% obvious it’s not him. i’ve been a fan since I was 8, it’s not Michael Jackson. I hope the reschedule the album and sort the mess out.

  19. Yes, of course it’s Michael’s voice. You don’t think I’d recognize the voice of my own kid!!! When he hits those high notes, it’s reminiscent of the times I’d smack him across the ass with my belt. Yep, that’s my Mikey alright.

  20. This is 100% NOT Michael Jackson, almost certain it’s Jason Malachi. Really disappointed in you Roger, you have been well and truly duped on this one…. go do some research before making yourself look even more foolish.

  21. From Jason Malachi himself: “When people say, ‘You’re trying to sound like Michael,’ I say, ‘No, if I wanna sound like Michael, you won’t know the the difference”

  22. This song is totally over-produced. It is Michael voice but it is drowned out completely. He was taken advantage of his whole life and it is happening again even after he has passed. Sad

  23. Roger that is absolutely not Michael’s voice on lead vocals. I understand you would want to believe what Eddie Cascio has told you, or Frank, but it’s not. They are lying. Thousands of fans, (who by the way, don’t like the family so are not siding with them out of a sense of duty) all are in agreement that Michael MAY have sung a few adlibs, but that is NOT Michael’s voice. They are fooling, you, us and whoever else wants to believe it.

  24. This is not Michael Jackson..I don’t believe all the conspiracies about “this is it” and that Sony was out to get him..but bottom line is it’s not him..long time fan here. Sorry Roger. Been reading your blog for years and you usually get it right but you’re wrong this time mate.

  25. Roger, what makes you so sure the vocals are Michael’s?

    They certainly don’t sound like classic MJ, and along with the Jackson family’s insistence that they aren’t him… it’s fair to say the majority of fans believe them to be fake.

    You are one of the few people who seem to be able to get to the bottom of this. Can you shed any more light on the recording and why it is definitely Michael singing?

  26. Here in France, we definately noticed that it’s NOT Michael Jackson on the leading vocals (from 1st verse to the very last!!!!)
    Jason Malachi is back under the spotlight and thinks that he is about to win a couple of bucks from that…
    The only things we have from MJ here are some adlibs coarsely mixed by Teddy Riley….

    We want the truth from Sony and the supposed “producers”!!!!

    M.Friedman, you’re a great journalist but saying that Michael Jackson sings in “Breaking News” is very outrageous! I’m sure that Michael made a demo in 2007 of this song and this is what we deserve! Moreover, the lyrics from this song are like an attack against the worldwide fans…Michael would have never done this to us!

  27. That s Michael.

    Do you really think that s a guy like Teddy riley or other longtime friends of Michael worked on
    a fake and leave their name associate to that…not sure

  28. Roger, I love coming to your site. You always have the best MJ news first. But you and I both know that that is NOT Michael Jackson. Either Eddie Cascio has duped Sony, or they are all trying to dupe the general public. The sh!t is going to hit the fan soon, and I hope you’re ready to admit you were wrong.

  29. This is NOT MJs voice…I know he had an amazing vocal range but this just doesn’t sound like him! There are some snippets in the background that do sound like MJ but the main lyrics just don’t sound like him at all. And why would he directly refer to himself like that in a song? I know in the song Privacy his name is mentioned but I don’t know….this song just doesn’t sound like him….

  30. ” you turned your back on your love…. and you can’t have it again! ;) ”

    HAHAHAHA! who’s laughin baby?

    we love you michael

    “he outsang his cynics. he outdanced his doubters. he outperformed the pessimists. michael beat ’em. michael rose to the top.”

  31. Sorry Roger, have loved following your work over the last few years – but surprised @ how you of all people can believe this is Michael Jackson. The vocals sound more like “Jason Malachi”. This is NOT Michael singing. Sony have got this wrong. Sorry.


  32. this is not Michael Jackson singing, roger you sould know from obessing over him that this is not MJ on that record at least 90% of it isn’t.

  33. Not Michael…Roger do some research before ruining your already damaged credibility. listen to MJ sing….

    And as for Jackie, yeah right then I’m MJ himself!!

  34. I’ve been a HUGE Michael Jackson fan for almost 10 years now and I can swear on my life that this is absolutely NOT MICHAEL JACKSON. This is a REALLY DISRESPECTFUL PR-STUNT and Sony will be feeling the wrath of Michael Jackson’s most loyal fans almost immediately. I am beyond disappointed with this move, Sony.

  35. This is most DEFINATELY Michael Jackson. Sure it doesn’t sound like Billie Jean or Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough, but listen to songs like Tabloid Junkie, Xscape, 2000 Watts or Privacy, his voice is just like that. No one else could sound like that. I love it.

  36. I don’t quite understand why you guys think you have to believe anything the Jackson family says to be a loyal fan of Michael…
    It is his voice and I am shocked that someone used Prince and Paris to make this paranoia more “credible”.
    This whole story screams: Joe Jackson!
    And by the way: Didn’t you, Roger, report that it was part of the agreement with Debbie Rowe that Joe would not be around the kids???
    Obviously, he is. I would be deeply worried if I was their mother…

  37. Yes it is. I’m a die hard MJ fan and I dislike SONY. BUT!!!! This is MJ. Just listen to 2000 Watts from the Invincible album. Teddy Riley also produced that track. MJ’s range was nuts! The hee hees at the end also leaves his signature trademark. I tip my cap off to you Mr. Friedman, TMZ’s got nothing on you. Straight up!

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