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Well, well.

TMZ and jacksonsecretvault.com have backed off their claim of a “new” Michael Jackson song on their respective websites.

Howard Mann, who owns jacksonsecretvault, has put an admonition on the clip of “Destiny Remix” now called “Opis None” saying that the song is not a “gift from Katherine Jackson to the fans.” She didn’t even know about it.

This is all because I revealed the huge embarrassment of what they’d done on Saturday morning. Of course, TMZ–for whom I’ve got a bridge to sell and free VIP elevator passes for the Statue of Liberty–wouldn’t ever report what really happened here. And they’re laying it all on Mann. They don’t concede that they never checked the facts.


And so: on to the real album of unreleased songs, “Michael,” on December 14th.

PS The Hollywood Reporter’s new “kick ass” music section is still reporting that “Opis None” is new. Wake up!

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