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TMZ has gotten snookered by Michael Jackson‘s mother, Katherine, via her JacksonSecretVault website.

They’ve posted what they claim is a “new” unreleased Michael Jackson song that they called “Opis None.” But it’s just a remix of a 1978 recording by the Jacksons, their single, “Destiny,” from the album of the same name.

You can hear the lyrics remixed into the track, particularly the word “confusion” from the first line of the song.

“Destiny” is credited on BMI’s website to Michael and his brothers Jermaine, Marlon, Tito, and Jackie.

The original recording of “Destiny” is owned by Sony, not by Katherine Jackson.

TMZ is so eager to go along with the Jackson family’s insistence that the new songs from the “Michael” album to be released December 14th are fake, that they’ve bought this nonsense hook, line and sinker.

Howard Mann, their source on this, bought that warehouse full of Jackson memorabilia, then went into business with Katherine Jackson. What Mann doesn’t realize is that the 300 tracks he found in the warehouse are remixes and outtakes, and video versions, of existing music.

By the way, “Opis” should be spelled “Opus.” Whoever wrote it on the tape that Mann found couldn’t spell, obviously.

Pathetic, all of it!



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  1. “Opis None” is NOT a remix. It samples “Destiny”…So What!!!!. I think the song is interesting, artful and shows a completely different side of MJ…playing in the studio. Something, Sony music would never support. I’m surprised by the childish, witch hunt-y, negative reactions (to the point of interjecting homophobia??? WTF????) of so-called MJ fans who are really just Sony Zombies and have no idea what “experimentation is”. Probably the same “fans” who think Invincible sucks when it was a brilliant album. Go Katherine!!!

  2. The song is garbage. I am beginning to think that there are not hundreds of unreleased tracks; that the pickings are slim.
    Still, anyone who heard Janet Jackson’s interview on Larry King has to realize that Michael was then and still is the most interesting person in the entire family. Lordy, what a bore she was! MMH

  3. Roger, I have never been a supporter of yours. But I will say that on many articles you have been correct. I have many disagreements with other MJ fans who want to believe everything the Jackson family says and does. They refuse to accept that the Jackson family exploited Michael all of his life and they are doing the same with Michael’s kids. I really hope they are removed from Katherine’s custody for their safety and sanity. If this woman cared so much about her son, then why did she stay married to a man who cheated on her and abused her kids? Now, she is business with Joe Jackson to steal money from her deceased son’s estate. Does anyone wonder why Michael didn’t have Katherine named as an executor? Even though he loved his mother very much, he perhaps knew that she would forever give into Joe. This is not the first time KJ and Joe have made deals behind MJs back. I’m very disappointed in her. :(

  4. Both Jackie Jackson and Taj Jackson have (according to their twitters) talked to Katherine and she knows nothing about this “song” – she certainly did not release it. So who is really in control of the jackson-secret-vault site, which did release it?

  5. “OPIS” does exist. It is an ancient Babylonian city on the Tigris. However, you are absolutely right, Roger: OPUS would make much more sense, because this song cannot be considered some type of WORK which Opus actually means.

  6. MJ did not like Sony. Remember him protesting against them in 2002? When he said Sony sucks and Sony kills, well they literally killed him. I don”t think he would have want this labum to be released. And TMZ is just a bunch of BS. Always has been.

  7. Katherine, Katherine, respectfully, please dump Howard Mann before he makes you and your family look any worse. He is a gay-porn producer. Why would an upstanding Jehovah’s Witness like you have any business dealings with a gay-porn producer?

  8. JacksonSecretVault.com first wrote “From the archives of Jacksonsecretvault.com we’d lik…eto present a free, authentic, unreleased MJ track for the fans. With L.O.V.E. from Mrs. Jackson.”

    They changed it later in the day, when all these comments had been made on TMZ that the song is a f’d up remix of Destiny.

    So it’s not really TMZ that got royally snookered. It’s the Vault that royally snookered us.

    Michael would rotate in his grave if he knew what’s going on! This is what destroys the legacy he built up in his lifetime. And the family is losing supporters and a lot of their credibility.

    And that is sad. And pathetic. Just saying…

    Plus, all this is a slap in the face for all the fanclubs that work so damn hard to keep people informed.

  9. TMZ does not know the Discography of Michael Jackson one of the biggest Artist in the World and Music History? Wow! No one did a full research of Michael already publish songs? They couldn’t ask a question to an inform MJ FAN? A real Michael Jackson Fan..

    Amazing, they want an Exclusive,..they went the fast lane and the results are evident…

    I kinda like the remix of “Destiny”…but comon we all know is not a new song whatosever…Katherine is having a good laugh now that is for sure…meantime TMZ looks pretty dumb!

  10. LMAO!! That is soooo funny!!! Hahaha!!! Especially considering that Kraken Opus STILL has not completed deliveries of the Michael Jackson Opus… ordered and paid for over a year ago! Opus None describes the situation perfectly!! LOL

  11. I heard this thing and I was like, ‘what a bunch of crap this is!’ Do they honestly believe MJ would put out such trash! The Jackson Family need to get there act together and stop with the foolishness! They can’t fool MJ fans!

  12. What the family released is not a “song”, it sounds just like someone playing around with bits of vocals and trying different sounds for a possible new version. It sounds like it’s done at a much later date than the original song.

  13. Roger, thank you for the ongoing reliable updates on the Jackson War occurring between Sony, the estate, and the Jackson family.

    However, the album/song “Destiny” was performed by MIchael, Marlon, Tito, Jackie and RANDY, not Jermaine (who stayed with Mowtown after his brothers moved to CBS in the mid 70″s).

    Can’t wait for “Michael” on Dec 14th!

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