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“One Life to Live” is the last soap left in New York City thanks to the idiots at Procter & Gamble and CBS (and NBC, I guess, for canceling “Another World” in 1999). OLTL has become like an ice floe onto which a bunch of actors from canceled “Guiding Light” and “As the World Turns” have all clambered to safety. The show may have to expand to 2 hours soon to accommodate all the talented people who’ve been left high and dry. I turned it on the other day and still there is Robert S. Woods, who’s played Bo Buchanan since Woodrow Wilson was president. Woods is still delivering his daily, understated, great performance. I don’t know he does it, but there he is, along with Erika Slezak, Jerry ver Dorn, and Robin Strasser soldiering on. God bless them all…And give that man a freakin’ Emmy Award, please…

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  1. I disagree with the person who says that John Paul Lavoiser’s acting is “O HORRIBLE” A description like that is so extreme and off the wall. While JPL acting doesn’t reach the level of Erika Slezak, for example…he does fine with his portayal of Rex. Rex has faced Shane’s battle with cancer, Stacy’s death and his long search for his parents. I feel that JPL’s acting in these and other plotlines is fine. He can be funny or dramatic. If he really was THAT horrible, he wouldn’t have lasted all these years at OLTL. I wish that OLTL keeps on as long as possible. from Roman in Austin, Texas

  2. “OLTL” has become unwatchable garbage.

    And this is coming from a fan of the show for over 30 years. I now “watch” it with the sound muted. I fnd that it plays much better that way, since then, I can’t hear the ridiculous dialogue and poor story lines.

    They have some fantastic actors there. Including three of the best in daytime today — Erika Slezak, Robin Strasser and Hillary B. Smith. But the writers and the executive producer are so incompetent at their jobs that these great actors are wasted.

    They instead “write” story for John-Paul Lavoisier, who is SO HORRIBLE to watch with his twitches and and overacting — the stuff that would send Lee Strasberg spinning in his grave — cheap, lazy, gimmick-filled acting that lazy actors like Lavoisier call upon. Acting bad enough to keep him on this show, and off of anything else in the future.

    This show is the next one to go. I will bet you that. That’s why relocating it wasn’t worth the time, energy or money to the network.

  3. I watch “OLTL” and record it on my dvr every day. “Vicki” is my favorite character, as she seems to be the glue that hold her family together. My preferrred male character is David Vickers. The writers have given him some really funny lines to utter throughout the years. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that Procter and Gamble is thru with destroying its soaps. OLTL needs to improve its ratings or else they may go the way of “Guiding Light” and “As The World Turns.” Good luck to the cast and crew of “OLTL.”

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