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This “Breaking News”–also the title of the first single from Michael Jackson‘s new album, written and produced by Eddie Cascio.

Sony Music just sent out a cover picture for Michael Jackson‘s album — called “Michael”– set for December 14th.

Yesterday I was told there was no deal brokered yet between all the fractious parties in the Jackson camp. Co executor John McClain was still claiming that the vocals on some of the tracks weren’t Michael’s.

Sony seems to disagree. They’ve made their move.

MORE: The album will include at least four or five of the “Cascio” tracks, produced mostly by Teddy Riley, including the single. Apparently the estate settled all internal political issues, as outlined here first and exclusively (thanks TMZ for mucking around in our area).

The decision was made by all parties finally at 11pm last night.

And so it goes.

More to come, of course…

Here’s full cover by artist Kadir Nelson:

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  1. You guys are so misinformed about Michael Jackson and what he is about. Quit believing everything the media tells you. They tried to get everyone to hate him for a reason! If you want to know what he really is about watch Michael Jackson King Of Love on YouTube. You may say I don’t give a damn, but if you knew the truth and the things he tried to expose because he cares about us you might think differently. Also if you want to know the truth about what is going on concerning all of us watch The Illuminati And The New World Order and Illuminati Symbolism In Movies both on Youtube PEOPLE PLEASE WAKE UP!!!

  2. anyone who takes money from anyone because their child was molested is a monster. I don’t care who it is. That makes you worse than a person who molested a child. That being said, it should be proof enough to all of you that there wasn’t any molestation being done but money grubbing greedy people.
    Some of you should get educated on the true facts while throwing stones from misinformation and a media that crucified Michael Jackson.
    Stop hating without the facts.

  3. All the assholes who are calling the KING A POP a molester are all molester’s themselves.HE was found not guilty.SO all you hater’s can KISS the KING A POP famous ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.R.I.P Michael Joesph Jackson

  4. Michael jackson, was a great musician i love his music, but he messed up his looks with too much surgery, i still love his music but he needed help with reality and no one was there to put him straight when he was home with those children even if he molested them or not, he needed help,

  5. I am an avid listener of Michael’s music. I am also a huge fan. I hate when people talk about whether he is a childmolester/drug addict, the truth is, we will NEVER know whether he is or isnt. I think we should leave that business alone. I also think Sony is a money hungry company and would use an imposter if one was needed to collect more cash. I don’t think we can truly trust anyone on this matter, not even his family, because according to books/magazines/news/etc. he had, to some extent, estranged himself from them. I wish Michael was still here. I can’t wait for his new album to be released, even if it isnt him. I am just excited to know that his legacy lives on, he lives on. And to all his haters, the more you talk about him, the more famous and sucessful he becomes, and the more people will discover the true enigma of Michael Jackson. I TRUELY LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON AND AM SO EXCITED TO KNOW THAT YOU STILL HAVE SO MUCH TO OFFER OUR GENERATION AND SOCIETY. R.I.P MICHAEL JOESEPH JACKSON, FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS 1958-2009

  6. I will always love Michael! I saw him live in Bucharest in 1992 and I can tell you for sure he was the best entertainer has ever lived! I can’t wait to hear the new album!

  7. Steve, thank you!!! I was wondering where all these nuts came from. It’s weird, I could never be bothered to bash a celebrity I didnt like online. I just don’t care that much….

  8. for those haters.. : I politely say : read and learn before saying this crap.Prejudice is Ignorance.
    If you dont like MJ just move other way
    Thank you. God bless you all.

  9. did anyone find who the old man was at micheal jackson frune.l and the old man at his memoril ?and why was the clothes the same as the in his home videos plus look at same of his videos the ghost videos the old man in the video.watch same of old stuff you’ll see same thing after he fake deaf.

  10. I’m so sick of these jealous people and their vitriol. They must all have low intelligence, shallow thinking, and most of all, are very angry about themselves. Michael will go down in history as one of the greatest entertainers, songwriter,choreographer, and dancer of all time. He was electric on stage. Poor, angry, low-life would never get it…….

  11. The Legend Continues…
    Say what you will his looks, scandals or death; the undeniable truth is that Michael Jackson reinvented the music industry on a global scale. He is a true artist and icon of rhythm and dance. No doubt his posthumous album will be well received.

  12. Tim, uh, he’s dead. If you want to dig up his corpse and lock it in jail, go ahead, but at least make sure he’s got a trial with a jury of his peers- which would mean zombies. Good luck with getting them to testify, they don’t have brraaaaaaains.

  13. So agree with the point about the irony of the outcry against the child molesting priests and the adoration for Michael Jackson when in many cases there is far more evidence against him. However, there should be an outcry against BOTH. The hypocrisy is staggering.

    Interestingly though, his lifestyle choices left him without any fulfillment or hope. And what good does all that money do him now?

  14. If Luther Vandross can have a posthumous album and single “Shine”; why can’t Michael Jackson. Whatever it takes to pay the bills.

  15. duh…everyone knows michael vaulted over 150 songs for his kids to release after his death. This news was almost a year before his death…

    and to all the people crying child molester…obviously you have no kids of your own. If I was a parent, I would not settle out of court for any amount of money…this was pure blackmail. I would have sent a child molester to jail AND THEN I would have sued in a civil case…WAKE UP

  16. Michael Jackson not once but twice had allegations against him for molesting little boys. MJ had motion detecters leading up to his bedroom which signaled to him that someone was approaching his bedroomm, WHY? MJ openly admitted in that freakky interview that he did in fact sleep in his bed with children overnight wearing just underwear because he loves kids??? One of the boys described MJ vitiligo on his penis to investigators!!! C’mon, are some people that fricken stupid not to see what’s really going on, or are they so caught up in his fame and fortune that they just rationalize and overlook the fact that he was a child molester. MJ paid off all of the people, attorneys, judges, and families to get away with it. I can’t overlook MJ, I know the truth and I do not support or subscribe to him, his family, or his music. All I can say is thank God for Propofol…

  17. No one cares except the media who made millions off of him, and the mediots who will max out their plastic on whatever slickly packaged trash the adman sells them.

  18. I hate it when Drudge links to a non-political story and we have to hear the 10th-grade opinions of all these Republican freaks. We all know that Michael had his problems. He was also ACQUITTED — not that this means anything to Republicans. Still, the man was a musical genius. Let him rest in peace. Or, at least, save your heartfelt ramblings for the living.

  19. Thank God Michael is dead because he was becoming a huge embarrassment to his fans. Just before he died he was caught twice walking around in womens’ clothing in Dubai and was also seen going into the ladies bathrooms. Nothing Royal about that. Also, most people don’t know that Michael may have molested up to 75 other boys, but all these cases were settled out of court by money-grubbing parents.

  20. That, is quite possibly the creepiest album cover I ever seen. Not sure what’s stranger: Jackson in an Elizabethian collar or the child like angles crowning him.

  21. You are Liars who slander and falsely accuse Michael.He was proven innocent from all charges over and over. Read the legal transcripts and do your homework. How sad that you believe the lies of media/tabloids and don’t research and seek the truth. Liars will face the Lord someday. God doesn’t take it lightly. The media/tabloids,extortionisst and liars destroyed this man. God said that’s enough and took him home to heaven.

  22. And one other final word…the world will still rally around his artistry for another century and beyond because it’s THAT powerful. This new album will sell millions. That’s the real testament to his greatness – his lasting art. And your hateful words? Buried in a matter of minutes…

  23. I cannot believe the hate that people take the time to spew. Annonymous creeps come to read this article and then spew hatred all over the place. You should be ashamed of yourself. What need does it fulfill in you? Are you that evil, or are your own lives that sad that this makes you feel good? Long live Michael and the hundreds of songs yet to be uncovered. He was a gift from God to the planet and those who don’t see that are part of the base level inhumaneness that has always plagued the world. Please go sit in the dark and keep your hate to yourself.

  24. Don’t you remember the full hour given to the child molestor by Oprah?

    At the end he asked his fans to “wait for the results of the trial”. Then he paid the boy 22 million dollars so there’d be no trial.

    You can’t get much more guilty or sick than that.

    Oprah, naturally, failed to do the decent thing and do a show on the lies she promoted for her ratings.

    These are ugly, lying, sneaky “people”.

    (Of course he made a lot of money this past year. It was the year of his untimely death. The new album, fake or real, will sell well. None of this changes what a sicko he actually was).

    Anybody see Janet Jackson on Larry King. Her plastic surgery has made her resemble some sort of bee or pretty insect. Michael would have been proud.

  25. When was he convicted of a crime by a jury to be called a child molester? You mean the illegal messycan with his slip and fall lets sue mother who claimed this happen while living for free in his guest house claiming the boy was ill to get free money?

  26. That is one truly FUGLY album cover. someone must have just discovered photoshop and they are tossing scraps of Michael together. Make him look more like the Frankenstein creature (which I guess he was in fact at the end, a patchwork quilt man/boy)

  27. I love michael jackson, like everyone else on the planet who isn’t a complete idiot. He deserves a better cover though. A much better cover. It should’ve just been simple & classy…. like his silhouette.
    & I wish the title was more creative. MJ loved one word titles from his albums that came from its singles.
    the artwork really bugs me a lot. Nothing post dangerous? Im only 26, almost all of “my michael” is post dangerous. It’s insulting.
    I pray the technical quality of the album is deserving of his extraordinary brilliance & enormous extra-human talent.
    We love you Michael Jackson :)

  28. for all of you guys who call michael jackson a child molester and drug addict, doesnt mean u gatta hate on him, but i a agree with bob, how does he sing? we’ve heard all of his music, if this is an album what will they put on it? “this is it?” but unfortunately “that was it” he died remember? i think he was a great singer but we need to stop living in the past. but if im wrong then i have no problem with that, i welcome suprises

  29. All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us
    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us

    Beat me, hate me
    You can never break me
    Will me, thrill me
    You can never kill me
    Jew me, sue me
    Everybody do me
    Kick me, kike me
    Don’t you black or white me

    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us
    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us

  30. I think it’s funny the way haters claim that no one cares. How out of touch with reality are you, Michael Jackson was the highest earning dead celebrity of 2010, making more mony than even living celebrities. Yeah, haters, keep telling youself no one cares….LOL.

  31. Wow. The non-fans commented before the actual fans. Way to go! The enthusiasm astonishes me. =)

    Can’t wait to hear the music. Album cover is…okay. Could of been better. But I’m excited for the music. Peace!

  32. Michael Jackson was the victim of blackmail, and was not a child molester, as is obvious to anyone who bothers to look.

    People who think this CD will not sell, must have missed when the top 12 selling CDs on amazon.com were all from Michael Jackson — for weeks.

  33. Let’s dig him up and clone him!!! Better yet, leave his rotting body in the ground. Best thing that ever happened to his victims…and..to tell you the truth..the whiter he got…the less talented.

  34. The rewrite of history has started already. Michael Jackson never looked so good except for a few days when making Thriller with the lights at ultra dim.

    You know the likeness of him is not real, why would you believe the tracks are any different.

  35. Michael Jackson’s cult appeal is a symptom of a very soul sick world. The rank hypocrisy of most people is astonishing. If you are a priest and are accused of molesting boys the mobs want blood and the Pope’s head, when their idol or object of addiction is accused and makes payoffs, he is a demi-god. I guess this is the best the secular world can do in creating a false god. More evidence that they (the mobs) STILL have no king but Caesar. Michael-mania…intrinsically perverse.

  36. ugh.. more dated music from this child molester and drug addict?!
    guess some folks are determined to squeeze every penny out of the dead freak. enough is enough.

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