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We told you on October 12th that “Spider Man: Turn off the Dark” was expecting investigators to look at all its flying components. See the link above. This was long before the accidents that have happened at the Foxwoods Theater on West 42nd St., and before both the New York Times and today’s story in the Hollywood Reporter.

The investigators were always scheduled to come. But now, with various accidents, they’ll be extra eagle-eyed.

One of the problems may be that the people who are flying around, dressed as Spider Man, etc, aren’t trained acrobats. As I reported before, they’re just athletic actors.

The flying will likely be approved, and the show will go on. I am told that scenes where Spider Man flies around and lands in the audience are “spectacular.” Sources working on the show so far have nothing about excited praise for what’s going on–except, of course, those that have wound up in the ER.

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