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Jeff Bridges– you remember, he won the Oscar last March for playing country singer Bad Blake in “Crazy Heart”?

I know, it seems like a long time ago.

But you’ll be interested to know that Bridges is set to record an album of songs written by him and/or by Ryan Bingham, the singer songwriter who penned the hits from “Crazy Heart.”  T Bone Burnett, who produced the “Crazy Heart” music, will produce the tracks.

Bridges’ deal is with EMI/Blue Note Records, headed up by the valiant Ian Ralfini, one of the last great music men in the industry.

EMI is otherwise really a mystery at this point. Although Katy Perry has been a big seller for them, and the Beatles, of course, EMI/Capitol etc is suffering through the current trial that pits Guy Hands and his Terra Firma fund against Citigroup.

(I should say that Capitol Nashville is doing great with Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker.)

When the trial is over, expect even more layoffs at the beleaguered company. I was surprised to learn that recently Jeanne Meyer, the long time head of corporate PR was gone.  Jeanne has gone out on her own, and will do spectacularly, I am sure. But she’s been the mainstay of EMI as far as I can recall.

One last thing: I was wondering what happened to Ryan Bingham. He won so many awards for “Crazy Heart,” you’d think he’d have exploded. Turns out he released an album in August on Lost Highway called “Junky Heart.” Some of the song titles were “Depression” “Yesterday’s Blues” and the title track. His group is called the Dead Horses. So now I know what happened: he could cheer up a bit, right?

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  1. Ryan Bingham has been extremely busy since his Oscar win for “The Weary Kind” from Crazy Heart. In addition to the release of his new album Junky Star, Ryan has been touring the United States with Willie Nelson (Willie knows talent when he sees it) playing with his band and performing solo here in the U.S. and now in Europe. I caught up with him twice this summer, once in Pasadena, California and again at the House of Blues in San Diego, California. He’s the “real deal” when it comes to writing and performing his own songs. I am not surprised to find out that Jeff is teaming up with Ryan and T-Bone Burnett to record an album. Can you spell SUCCESS??? Way to go guys, from one of your biggest fans!!

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