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Patricia Arquette is so cool: she won a Humanitarian award last night from Matt Damon’s very impressive OneXOne charity. She’s been going back and forth to Haiti for months helping to provide the people with sanitation and drinking water. It’s not glamorous.

And then: she confirmed that “Medium,” her six year TV series, has been canceled. Since she played a psychic on the show, couldn’t she have predicted that?

“I did! I said at the beginning of this season, we’re doing 13. Save your money!” CBS ends the series in December. It had a valiant run, and Arquette, who is a delight, won many awards. She’ll head back to movies now. I predict this woman will see an Oscar nomination from an indie film in the next two to three years. She is very good.

Indeed, Arquette reminded me that for nine years–9, yes–she’s been shooting a Richard Linklater movie called “Boyhood.” They still have three more years to go before it’s done. Ethan Hawke co-stars as her husband. The movie will track the real time years semi-documentary style of a “real” family.

Meanwhile, Patricia’s brother, David, stopped by to give her support at Capitale, where OneXOne was taking place. He had his own event. There was no discussion of his marital situation. Matt Damon accepted congrats on the birth of his fourth daughter last week. Collective Soul entertained with hits like “Shine” and “The World I Know.” And nine year old pianist/comedian Ethan Bortnick was a disarming addition to the night.

And while OneXOne does amazing work, the real star of the night was Somali-born singer-songwriter K’Naan. Do you know this guy? He is utterly amazing, and should be nominated for Best New Artist at this year’s Grammy’s. On James Diener’s label, K’Naan scored a hit this summer singing “Wave the Flag” as the theme of the World Cup. But another song, “Fatima,” is one of the most stunning pieces I’ve ever heard.


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  1. yes…save Medium!
    why stop a great show,esp.when there’s so much crap on the tube…
    geez…at the very least, do the full season…
    do a write-in campaign or something, fellow fans!

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