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Mariah Carey‘s long standing silence on her pregnancy may be coming to an end.

Last night, “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush was spotted coming from Carey’s Tribeca building. The word is that “Access” has secured the big Carey interview as part of her promotion for her new Christmas album.

And lo and behold, the story is also that Mariah has finally made a formal announcement about what is more evident than the Empire State Building. She’s five or six months pregnant with a bundle of joy.

Calls to Mariah’s rep were not returned. But they may be out, shopping for the shower!

Mariah has resisted speaking up so far because she said she was “superstitious”–as she told this column a few weeks ago, and it was reproduced everywhere. But it’s going to be hard to continue in that direction, and I guess she knows it.

The “Access” interview should run by Monday. Next Tuesday is the release date for “Merry Xmas II You.” And maybe January is the release date for the baby. Congrats to Mariah and Nick Cannon, officially!

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  1. Nick Cannon has great genes, undoubtedly! He’s gorgeous. Mariah’s no slouch either. To steal a phrase coined by Tyra Banks, this baby has already “won the genetic lottery”.

  2. […] Mariah Carey may end her silence about her widely rumored pregnancy as early as tomorrow. The singer is reportedly making an announcement tomorrow on the “Today” show, and she has also scheduled an interview with “Access Hollywood” set to run early next week. The news coincides with the release of her new holiday album, “Merry Christmas II You,” next Tuesday. ( Perez Hilton, Showbiz 411) […]

  3. Why in the world would Mariah give one of the biggest stories of the year — look, EVERY outlet has been following it — to a piss-ant show like Access Hollywood? Wouldn’t she announce it on Oprah or something, well, that matters? WTF?

  4. Billy Bush posted on his Twitter account last night that he just finished an hour and a half long “big time” interview that will air Thursday!

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